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World AMR Awareness Week 2023 – Day 1: evolutionary perspective on AMR emergence and control

Moderators: Holger Rohde, Germany & Giorgia Caruana, Switzerland

  • Lessons from environmental microbiology on the evolution of AMR
    Speaker: Joakim Larsson, Sweden
  • Putting evolution into context: Role of human gut microbiota in AMR spread
    Speaker: Willem van Schaik, United Kingdom
  • It’s all out there!? Mining for new approaches to combat AMR: Anti-resistance strategies, phages, and predators
    Speaker: Paul Turner, United States

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World AMR Awareness Week 2023 – Day 2: controlling the emergence of AMR: Is technology the saviour?

Moderators: Anna Both, France & Claudio Neidhöfer, Germany

  • Faster, broader, more accurate: Prospects of next generation microbiology for AMR control
    Speaker: Adrian Egli, Switzerland
  • Staying one step ahead: How artificial intelligence can be a game changer in AMR control
    Speaker: Roy Kishony, Israel
  • The fast car is not enough: Integrative approaches to AMR control
    Speaker: Bojana Beovic, Slovenia

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A new report from the Global Leaders Group (GLG) on AMR