Governance & Transparency

ESCMID abides by our Articles of Association and Bylaws, which guide the way we function and how we are managed. Additional operating procedures exist to help inform a standard practice for how certain aspects of ESCMID should run, for example support for external scientific events or the organisation of ESCMID Study Groups (SGs). ESCMID also expects all members to abide by the Code of Conduct, so all peers can share a sense of mutual respect.

Relevant Information

Refer to the following documents as an outline of the ESCMID governance structure.

The ESCMID Assembly of Members is the official annual meeting of the Society. At this meeting, members present and approve official changes in the ESCMID leadership and the society’s finances and activities. Members can also raise any ESCMID-related topics with the Executive Committee. The Assembly of Members is held each year at ESCMID Global (formerly ECCMID). All ESCMID members are invited and encouraged to attend.   

The 2024 Assembly of Members will take place on Monday, 29 April 2024 at 18:30 CEST.   

Moche Room
Fira Gran Via (North Access)
Carrer del Foc 37
08038 Barcelona, Spain

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The Code of Conduct outlines how to maintain a high standard of ethical behaviour, and how laws, standards, and policies should be followed. The Society gives great importance to ethics and integrity, and takes responsibility for the interests of its members, officers, and employees. The professionals who join ESCMID are key to helping build long-term success and a positive reputation. Creating a culture of respect, trust, and a basis on which value can be generated for all stakeholders is our top priority.The Executive Committee (EC) openly endorses the Code of Conduct and its implementation. We are counting on you, along with every ESCMID member, to commit and adhere to the principles laid out in the ESCMID Code of Conduct. 

Download the ESCMID Code of Conduct

The ESCMID Articles of Association lay out the essential principles upon which the association has been built and continues to thrive. 

Download the ESCMID Articles of Association

The procurement policy aims to ensure that proper standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency are being practised by ESCMID and its partners. These standards aim to ensure adequate internal controls and compliance with all internal requirements. All procurement activities should be conducted in a way that ensures, to the greatest extent possible, open, and free competition. The society follows the following principles in all its procurement activities: 

  • Integrity of all personnel working with procurement  
  • Transparency throughout the whole procurement process  
  • Ethical behaviour in all undertakings  
  • Impartiality towards candidates, tenderers, contractors, and partners  

Download the ESCMID Procurement Policy 

Download the ESCMID Bylaws

The ESCMID Operating Procedures (EOPs) provide detailed administrative guidance for business transactions, to ensure we continuously uphold our standard of excellence and legitimacy.