Ethical Advisory Committee

ESCMID Ethical Advisory Committee (EEAC) is at the heart of our ethical guidance, providing essential, independent advice to our Executive Committee (EC) on ethical matters. From ESCMID-funded research projects to the scientific conduct of individuals engaged in our activities, this committee navigates the complex landscape of moral principles, values, and beliefs, upholding our mission with utmost professionalism and diligence.

Scientific misconduct in infectious diseases

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In the EEAC, ethics meets action. This committee is tasked with safeguarding integrity within ESCMID. While the EEAC may not wield the power to enact policies independently, its viewpoint is crucial. The EEAC diligently reviews the ESCMID Code of Conduct, advises the EC on ethical dilemmas, and ensures transparent conflict-of-interest processes. From overseeing complaints to issuing recommendations and collaborating with other committees, the EEAC is at the forefront of upholding ethical standards.


The EEAC team includes four dedicated members, and the ESCMID Membership Counsellor (EMeC). Open calls are held to fill the member positions and the EC holds the key to welcoming new faces to the committee through a rigorous vetting process. These members hold the responsibility of championing integrity and shaping the future of ethical governance within ESCMID.


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