Scientific Event Endorsement

One of the central roles of ESCMID is the promotion of knowledge in Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID). The society supports national and international scientific events such as conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. by advertisement, endorsement and/or financial contribution.

To apply, please complete the below application:

Link to form

ESCMID can offer support in one or more of the following levels per event: 

  • Advertising your event in the ESCMID calendar on ESCMID website. 
  • Official endorsement by ESCMID where the ESCMID logo can be used on the event website and in advertisements as well as advertising in the ESCMID calendar. 
  • Funding of attendance grants for delegates up to EUR 5K in total to support registration costs. This funding is only available for international events (speakers from at least three countries) and cannot be used for accommodation or travel costs. In cases where the registration fee is under EUR 100, ESCMID may consider a coverage of travel and/or accommodation costs. 
  • Sponsoring two ESCMID-appointed speakers up to EUR 5K in total to join the event faculty for national events held in the native language.

Before submitting your support request, be sure to check if one of our SGs may be a suitable partner and link with them. If other sponsors (including corporate sponsorship) have been approached, these must be listed in the proposal. ESCMID will not support events that are pharma-driven or based on purely commercial interests. All proposals must have an event website and a detailed programme including timelines, talk titles and faculty names to be considered. Educational courses can only receive advertisement support and/or endorsement by ESCMID, but not financial support. This is organised according to our EOP on Educational activities. Here you can see the different timelines and criteria for each level of support. If you do not adhere to the timelines or criteria, your request will be automatically rejected. 

  • Advertisement: Support via advertisement on the ESCMID website needs to be submitted at least three months before the start of the event. This support is open to all event types.
  • Official ESCMID Endorsement: Requests for endorsement must be made at least 6 months before the start of the event and before the marketing materials are finalised in order to ensure that the ESCMID logo can be incorporated accordingly. Once approved the ESCMID logo needs to be incorporated in all marketing material and website and then approved by the ESCMID Office before final printing. This support is open to all event types except national events in local language without international speakers. 
  • Attendance grants for delegates: Requests for financial support for attendance grants for delegates must be submitted at least six months before the start of the event in order to guarantee enough time for the review process and the setup of the grant application platform. This support is open only to international events with speakers from at least three countries and covers only up to EUR 5k. Attendance grants will only be given to paying ESCMID members. 
  • Sponsoring two ESCMID speakers: Requests for speaker support from ESCMID must be submitted at least six months before the start of the event in order to have enough time to evaluate and appoint the respective ESCMID speakers. This support is open only for national events held in the local language and covers up to EUR 5k.

All proposals will be reviewed by the ESCMID Executive Office for completeness and correctness and will be evaluated by the ESCMID Scientific Affairs Officer. If clarifications or amendments are needed, the proposer will be contacted within two weeks of submission. The proposer will be informed about the final outcome of the submission within four weeks. The final decision about the outcome of the proposals rests with the ESCMID Executive Committee. Upon acceptance the support will be enacted accordingly and financial support will be paid according to the guidelines below. 

Attendance grants for delegates: 
ESCMID will submit the full amount of funding after the event is held upon submission of an invoice and a complete participant list (name, surname, email, city country) including attendance grant recipients. Please note that direct payments/reimbursements cannot be made to the grant recipients. The complete grant contribution will be paid to the local organiser instead. 

Sponsoring of ESCMID speakers: 
The reimbursement of registration fees, travel costs and/or accommodation costs will be initiated after receiving the respective proof(s) from the sponsored speakers. Reimbursements can be done directly to the speakers or through the local organiser.