Parity Commission

ESCMID Parity Commission was established to revolutionise the landscape of Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID) by fostering greater inclusivity among minorities, genders, and across geographical regions. With an unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers, we aim to cultivate a more vibrant and interconnected scientific community.


We are committed to ensuring fair opportunities for all, championing inclusivity and diversity every step of the way. Within the ESCMID Parity Commission, minorities are defined as individuals facing discrimination in their professional pursuits or underrepresentation in scientific circles due to factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation, race, region or religion—regardless of their personal accomplishments. Together, let us work to break down these barriers and build a brighter, more equitable future. The Parity Commission serves three critical objectives: 

  • Enhance gender representation and foster geographic balance across ESCMID and associated educational initiatives
  • Develop projects focused on education and networking to support minorities coming from resource limited countries or backgrounds
  • Empower and support members to balance career advancement and family responsibility with initiatives like the CAREer Grant

CAREer Grant

The CAREer Grant supports members to balance scientific careers with family responsibilities (childcare) or unexpected situations (illness, caring for elderly parents, etc.). It provides financial assistance, equivalent to 20% of the recipient’s gross salary to hire a qualified support personnel, to members who need to reduce their workload by 20% or are already working part-time (≤ 80%).

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