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ESCMID fosters an ongoing collaboration with the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) for enhanced training in the fields of Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID). UEMS is the oldest medical organisation in Europe, focused on setting standards for high quality healthcare practice, advocacy, and specialist accreditations


The UEMS firmly believes that quality of care is directly linked to the quality of training provided to healthcare professionals. Committed to elevating medical training standards across Europe, the UEMS has taken significant steps towards this mission and has contributed significantly to this goal with the development of published training curricula for CM and ID experts, serving as models for national training curricula in these specialties. 

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ESCMID and the UEMS Section of Medical Microbiology worked together to create a European exam in Medical/Clinical Microbiology. With an ambition of harmonisation, the perfect partnership was formed between the UEMS the oldest pan-European medical organisation and ESCMID the largest scientific society for CM and ID professionals. We are very proud of this cooperation and the future for CM and ID.


Save the Date! 2nd UEMS-ESCMID European Examination in Medical Microbiology

Exam date: 3 December 2024
Where: Online with remote invigilation

The UEMS Section of Medical Microbiology, in partnership with ESCMID, is pleased to announce the date for the next European examination in Medical Microbiology. The examination is based on the Curriculum which is part of the UEMS CORE TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY (UEMS Section of Medical Microbiology core curriculum), current European best practice guidelines and recent pivotal publications in the major journals.

The announcement with more information and appropriate links will be published soon on here and on the UEMS Exam Page:

UEMS Exam Page  


Our Society is proud to offer training courses following the specially crafted UEMS curricula. Tailored to experts in Medical Microbiology, they can be downloaded here.

UEMS MM curriculum submitted European council 2017.09.21

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Our Society is also pleased to offer training courses for ID and CM specialists, following the curricula specially created by UEMS. These curricula can be downloaded here.