Exchange Programmes

Our exchange programmes aim to facilitate the fruitful exchange of knowledge in Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID) through mentorship and observership. In bringing together an international mix of perspectives, goals, and skill sets, we foster global advancement in CM/ID, and offer a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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Visiting professorship


ESCMID full members, Young Scientist Members (YSM), or members from low- or middle-income countries (LMIC)*


*depends on the type of observership

ESCMID full members, YSM, or ESCMID YSM

ESCMID full members, YSM, or ESCMID YSM*


*Must be an expert in ID, CM and/or Infection Control (IC) whose scientific contribution is internationally recognised or who recently introduced breakthrough innovations. 


Up to 1 month

1 – 2 years

Depending on individual needs


  • ECC (anywhere inside or outside of home country)
  • Onsite
  • EMC (anywhere inside or outside of home country)
  • Onsite or remotely
  • Outside of home country
  • Onsite


  • To facilitate your international training and collaboration
  • To discover clinical and laboratory practice 
  • To leverage improvement points in your home institute
  • To provide you with career and scientific guidance from a senior ESCMID member
  • To determine mentorship outcomes according to your needs as a mentee (e.g. career planning, scientific development, academic publishing, data analysis, collaboration)
  • As an expert, to be endorsed by ESCMID to give talks or provide advice to local institutions
  • As a local institution, to benefit from the valuable experience of an expert


  • Intra-European: up to 1,200 EUR  (500 EUR travel + 70 EUR/day, up to 10 days)
  • Intercontinental: up to 2,000 EUR (1,300 EUR travel + 70 EUR/day, up to 10 days)
  • Unfunded
  • 1,000 EUR per year to cover remote interaction, visits to the EMC, attendance at ESCMID events and congresses, as well as article publication fees
  • Unfunded*

*Funds for covering part of travel costs may be considered for LMIC institutions (according to the definition of the World Bank)