Aims and objectives

The ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH) is deeply committed to advancing knowledge on viral hepatitis. Uniting members from all over the globe, we are dedicated to:

  • Organising educational courses, webinars, and sessions at congresses to disseminate crucial insights
  • Overcoming geographical, gender, and age barriers to stimulate research activities and promote collaboration
  • Leveraging the power of social media to streamline scientific communication, enhancing the power of our collective efforts in fighting viral hepatitis

Activities and resources

ESGVH Newsletter, Spring 2024, May 2024


ESGVH Newsletter, Spring 2024, April 2024


ESGVH Newsletter, Winter 2023, February 2023

ESGVH Newsletter, Spring 2023, May 2023

ESGVH Newsletter, Summer 2023, July 2023

ESGVH Newsletter, Autumn 2023, October 2023

ESGVH Newsletter, Winter 2023, December 2023

Exposure to biological fluids in dental practice – Narrative review on appropriate risk assessment to guide post-exposure management.

Săndulescu M, Nicolescu MI, Funieru C, Şahin GÖ, Săndulescu O and ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH). Pathogens. 2023;12(7):968.

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COVID-19-induced transaminitis and hyperbilirubinemia: Presentation and outcomes.

Said ZNA, El Habashy SA, Zaky S and ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH). World J Gastroenterol. 2023;29(7):1123–1130.

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HDV in Europe

31 August 2023

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HBV and HCV infections in immunocompromised host

04 December 2023

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Management of viral hepatitis in multiple sclerosis

13 November 2023

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Breaking the Wall on Hepatitis A and E Vaccination: Should we change current recommendations?

18 December 2023

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Hepatitis A and E in Turkey

20 December 2023

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Update on current emerging infections

Post-graduate course


Executive Committee

  Oana Sandulescu

Oana Sandulescu

National Institute for Infectious Diseases
Bucharest, Romania
  Mojca Maticic

Mojca Maticic

University Medical Centre Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia


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