Aims and objectives

The ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Travellers and Migrants (ESGITM) is dedicated to improving global knowledge and collaboration in research on travel-related infections. Together, we are committed to:

  • Bringing together experts from different countries to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Promoting collaborative research to obtain multi-centre data on the epidemiology, clinical presentation, and prevention of travel-related infections
  • Promoting multidisciplinary management of infections in travellers and immigrants
  • Offering advice for travellers’ and immigrants’ health education programmes
  • Promoting awareness of the importance of travel- and migration-related infections in scientific community, public, and stakeholders
  • Providing educational events for infectious diseases (ID) and clinical microbiology (CM) specialists
  • Working together with related ESCMID study groups
  • Stimulating the cooperation between ESCMID and other international organisations interested in travel-associated infections

Activities and resources

ESGITM Newsletter, Spring 2023, 13 April 2023

ESGITM Newsletter, Spring 2023, 03 May 2023

ESGITM Newsletter, Winter 2023, 18 December 2023

Outreach for Inclusion Health Settings: Infection diagnostics for hard to reach populations

11 June 2024


Executive Committee

  Christian Wejse

Christian Wejse

Aarhus University. Infectious Diseases.
Aarhus, Denmark
  Corneliu Petru Popescu

Corneliu Petru Popescu

Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Dr V Babes. Infectious and Tropical Diseases.
Bucharest, Romania
  Peter Chiodini

Peter Chiodini

Education Officer
Hospital for Tropical Diseases
London, United Kingdom
  Caroline Rönnberg

Caroline Rönnberg

Public Health Agency of Sweden. Department of Microbiology.
Stockholm, Sweden
  Irene Losada Galvan

Irene Losada Galvan

Science Officer
Barcelona Institute for Global Health
Barcelona, Spain
  Ferenc Balázs Farkas

Ferenc Balázs Farkas

TAE Representative
Semmelweis University. Pediatric Center.
Budapest, Hungary


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