Aims and objectives

The ESCMID Study Group on Biofilms (ESGB) is at the forefront of biofilm research and collaboration. United by a shared vision, we bring together specialists from around the globe and are dedicated to: 

  • Organising ESCMID Global specific sessions and coordinating with other Study Groups for joint sessions.
  • Organising the Eurobiofilms biennial meeting in Europe.
  • Supporting early-career researchers in the biofilm field by providing them with opportunities for collaboration and learning from experienced professionals.
  • Arranging educational events to explore biofilm research innovations and improve clinical management.
  • Supporting collaborations among ESGB members to facilitate primary research and article review.
  • Broadening our biofilm networks worldwide and welcoming new members.

Activities and resources

ESGB Newsletter June 2024, 2nd June 2024


ESGB Newsletter December 2023, 15th December 2023


ESGB Newsletter June 2023, 29th June 2023


To update or not to update the ESCMID guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of biofilm infections – That is the question! The opinion of the ESGB board.

Høiby N, Moser C, Oliver A, Williams C, Ramage G, Borghi E, Azeredo J, Dolores Macia M, ESGB board. Biofilm. 2023;6:100135.

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A systematic review of the use of bacteriophages for in vitro biofilm control.

Meneses L, Brandão AC, Coenye T, Braga AC, Pires D, Azeredo J . Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2023;42(8):919-928.

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Our current clinical understanding of Candida biofilms: where are we two decades on?

Ramage G, Borghi E, Rodrigues CF, Kean R, Williams C, Lopez-Ribot J. APMIS. 2023;131(11):636-653.

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Combining phages and antibiotic to enhance antibiofilm efficacy against an in vitro dual species wound biofilm.

Akturk E, Melo LDR, Oliveira H, Crabbé A, Coenye T, Azeredo J. Biofilm. 2023;6:100147.

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Biofim Corner 4: Double-edge weapons: drugs with unexpected effects on biofilms development 

23 May 2024

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Biofilm Corner 2: extracellular vesicles in biofilms

Biofilm Corner 3: Biofilm control using bacteriophages

Executive Committee

  Gordon Ramage

Gordon Ramage

Glasgow Caledonian University, School of Health and Life Sciences
Glasgow, United Kingdom
  Elisa Borghi

Elisa Borghi

Università degli Studi di Milano, Health Sciences
Milan, Italy
  Joana Azeredo

Joana Azeredo

Universidade do Minho, Engenharia Biológica
Braga, Portugal
  Claus Moser

Claus Moser

Science Officer
Rigshospitalet, Clinical Microbiology
Copenhagen, Denmark
  Maria Dolores Macia Romero

Maria Dolores Macia Romero

Education Officer
Son Espases Hospital, Microbiology
Palma de Mallorca, Spain


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