Aims and objectives

The ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG) is dedicated to advancing the exploration and progression of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics (PK/PD), as well as the dosing of anti-infectives. Our mission extends to innovative research on resistance development and paves the way for the development of ground-breaking antibiotics. As a European platform uniting scientists and healthcare providers actively engaged in these critical fields, we are committed to: 

  • Raising awareness on the critical role of exposure/effect relationships, advocating for optimal dosing strategies that ensure efficacy, safety, clinical outcomes, and resistance prevention
  • Providing training and inspiration to scientists, physicians, and related groups through dynamic conferences, educational workshops, special symposia, and publications 
  • Offering guidance and fostering knowledge among European countries, other ESCMID study groups, international societies, regulatory agencies, and government authorities

Activities and resources

Summer newsletter, 18 July 2023 

September newsletter, 13 September 2023 

November newsletter, 13 November 2023

International consensus recommendations for the use of prolonged-infusion beta-lactam antibiotics: Endorsed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Infectious Diseases Society of America, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists 

Hong LT, Downes KJ, FakhriRavari A, Abdul-Mutakabbir JC, Kuti JL, Jorgensen S, Young DC, Alshaer MH, Bassetti M, Bonomo RA, Gilchrist M, Jang SM, Lodise T, Roberts JA, Tängdén T, Zuppa A, Scheetz MH. Pharmacotherapy. 2023;43(8):740–777.

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Toxicity of antimicrobials

27 March 2024

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How to write successful grant applications – Insights from successful applicants and reviewers 

19 September 2023

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Phage pharmacology and therapy

4 December 2023

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Optimised dosing of antibiotics – understanding PK/PD, clinical breakpoints, and therapeutic drug monitoring 

Post-graduate course


Executive Committee

  Sebastian Wicha

Sebastian Wicha

Universtät Hamburg, Institute of Pharmacy
Hamburg, Germany
  Cornelia Landersdorfer

Cornelia Landersdorfer

Education Officer
Monash University
Parkville, Australia
  Birgit Koch

Birgit Koch

Science Officer
Erasmus MC, Hospital pharmacy
Rotterdam, Netherlands
  Markus Zeitlinger

Markus Zeitlinger

Medical University of Vienna, Clinical Pharmacology
Vienna, Austria
  Sonia Luque

Sonia Luque

Hospital del Mar, Pharmacy department
Barcelona, Spain


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