EUCIC Certification & Education

Through the Infection and Prevention Control (IPC) certificate programme of the European Committee on Infection Control (EUCIC), experts from various training centres, countries, and professions are brought together to help shape the next generation of IPC specialists. The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) is also a proud contributor in this learning experience, providing advanced modules on surveillance, epidemiology, and data analysis.


Training is made up of a basic module and 6 advanced modules that are supplemented with observership programmes. For more information, please check the EUCIC webpage.

To obtain a certificate the entire programme must be completed, and the final exam passed successfully.

At the end of each module, students will be given a short evaluation to assess overall comprehension. Finally, upon completion of the entire programme, a final exam with written and oral sections will be given.

You will receive CME credits for each module you attend and complete. The number of credit points for each module is indicated on the EUCIC website.

To apply to become a trainer of a EUCIC training programme module, please contact us using the contact form.

While participating in the training programme does not require an ESCMID membership, joining our Society does provide many benefits, including exclusive reduced registration fees. We therefore eagerly encourage you to apply for ESCMID membership!

Yes, the programme is open for all practitioners, but the topics will cover mainly the European perspective.

The programme costs €5000 for non-ESCMID members, €4700 for ESCMID members and €4200 for specialists who can start the training directly in the advanced module.

Overall we prefer to be paid directly in EUR. In principle it is also possible to pay in another currency, however the conversion rates to EUR must be covered by the participant.

Yes, it is possible to pay in three instalments, as per the chart below. Please note the additional cost for processing of multiple payments.


(and due date)

Non-ESCMID member

ESCMID member

Specialist (not requiring the basic module)

Installment 1

(before 28 Feb 2021)




Installment 2

(before 29 Nov 2021)

2100 €



Installment 3

(before 29 March 2022)