AMR Action Subcommittee

ESCMID AMR Action Committee (EAAC) was created to help tackle the serious threat that Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) poses to modern medicine and global health. AMR occurs when microorganisms evolve and adapt, rendering drugs ineffective. This phenomenon makes infections harder to treat, raising the risk of spread, ultimately endangering human lives. The AMR challenge now extends beyond how patients are treated and into how research is conducted, making it a top strategic priority for ESCMID.

Petition for UNGA 2024 (United Nations General Assembly) in regard of AMR

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AMR can cross borders, affecting different geographical, cultural, and socio-economic landscapes. A resistant infection born in one corner of the world can easily become a global threat, as people, animals, and goods move across countries and continents. This unavoidable web of connections highlights the need for a coordinated, international response to AMR. Central to this response is the pursuit of research and development, propelling the innovation of new antimicrobial agents to outpace the rapid evolution of pathogens. Encouraging breakthroughs, incentivising the pharmaceutical industry, and nurturing ground-breaking research are vital strategies in the fight against AMR. This fight is not confined to laboratories and policies alone, it is a collective journey that demands individual action as well. This comes in the form of responsible use of antibiotics, adherence to prescribed treatment courses, and advocating for sound policies. Education and awareness campaigns are also instrumental to foster a global culture of antimicrobial stewardship.

The EEAC was created to help coordinate and promote ESCMID's AMR-related activities, increasing visibility to relevant stakeholders. Its members support ESCMID activities across all relevant portfolios to ensure that alarming AMR threats are being properly addressed.

Our activities

The EAAC works to consolidate all of the various AMR-related activities of ESCMID under one guiding hand. These activities range from web series, publications, research funding and joint initiatives with other international organisations.

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Our leadership

The EAAC leadership team features seven core members, who all play a pivotal role in ensuring the committee takes proper action against AMR. Discover our full member list below!

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