State of the Art Clinical Evidence for the Use of Phage Therapy in Clinical Practice: the Pathways for Efficacy

Event Description

12 - 13 November 2024
Lyon, France

Dive into the forefront of phage therapy with this course, designed to illuminate the current clinical experiences, compassionate use protocols, cohort studies, and ongoing clinical trials in the field. Gain valuable insights into the establishment of phage therapy centres, navigating evolving global regulations. Delve into the essential pillars required for successful implementation in regions such as Europe, the USA, Australia, and beyond. Stay informed about the state of the art in phage therapy, ensuring you are at the cutting edge of this dynamic and evolving field. 

Intended audience: 

Infectious diseases specialists, clinical pharmacists, antimicrobial stewards, transplant ID specialists and methodologists dealing with infectious diseases who are and who would like to get involved in the management of phage therapy, establishing a phage therapy centre from compassionate use, cohort studies to establishing and performing clinical trials. Additionally, the workshop will be of interest for physicians involved in antimicrobial clinical trials both in academics and industry. 


To outline and share the state of the art on clinical experience and knowledge compassionate use protocols, cohort studies and clinical trials that are ongoing in the field of phage therapy. The course will also deal with state of the art in establishing phage therapy centres in the face of changing regulations around the globe and will explore needed pillars in Europe, USA, Australia and other parts of the world. 

Course coordinator: 

Ferry Tristan, Lyon, France
MCO, Marseille, France 




ESCMID office will apply for accreditation. 


Course organisers will monitor attendance. Only participants attending live sessions will be able to receive the certification. 

Course Venue: 

 Institut Lumière
Rue du Premier Film, 69008 
Lyon, France

Registration details: 

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