Aims and objectives

The ESCMID Study Group for Implant-Associated Infections (ESGIAI) focuses on the challenges posed by implant-associated infections in clinical microbiology (CM) and infectious diseases (ID). Through a multidisciplinary approach, we are committed to:

  • Navigating the complexities of unresolved clinical and diagnostic challenges
  • Improving the management of patients and the possibility to cure these infections

Activities and resources

ESGIAI Newsletter, Summer 2023, July 2023

ESGIAI Newsletter, Autumn 2023, October 2023

ESGIAI Newsletter, Winter 2023, December 2023

Is an isolated positive sonication fluid culture in revision arthroplasties clinically relevant?

Rondaan C, Maso A, Birlutiu RM, Fernandez Sampedro M, Soriano A, Diaz de Brito V, Gómez Junyent J,Del Toro MD, Hofstaetter JG, Salles MJ, Esteban J, Wouthuyzen-Bakker M; ESCMID Study Group on Implant-Associated Infections (ESGIAI). Clin Microbiol Infect. 2023;S1198-743X(23)00345-2.

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Risk factors for Gram-negative bacterial infection of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices: multicentre observational study (CarDINe Study)

Pascale R, Toschi A, Aslan AT, Massaro G, Maccaro A, Fabbricatore D, Dell'Aquila A, Ripa M, Işık ME,Kızmaz YU, Iacopino S, Camici M, Perna F, Akinosoglou K, Karruli A, Papadimitriou-Olivgeris M,Kayaaslan B, Bilir YA, Evren Özcan E, Turan OE, Işık MC, Pérez-Rodríguez MT, Yagüe BL, Quirós AM,Yılmaz M, Petersdorf S, De Potter T, Durante-Mangoni E, Akova M, Curnis A, Gibertoni D, DiembergerI, Scudeller L, Viale P, Giannella M; CarDINe Study Group. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. 2023;61(3):106734.

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Should we use rifampicin in periprosthetic joint infections caused by Staphylococci when the implant has been exchanged? A multicenter observational cohort study.

Kramer TS, Soriano A, Tedeschi S, Chen AF, Tattevin P, Senneville E, Gomez-Junyent J, Birlutiu V,Petersdorf S, de Brito VD, Gonzalez IS, Belden KA, Wouthuyzen-Bakker M, on behalf of the ESCMID Study Group on Implant Associated Infections (ESGIAI). Open Forum Infectious Diseases. 2023;10(10):ofad491.

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Differences and similarities in diagnosis and treatment among cardiovascular, orthopaedic, and neurosurgical implant-associated infections

5 June 2023

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Executive Committee

  Jaime Esteban

Jaime Esteban

Fundación Jiménez Díaz. Clinical Microbiology.
Madrid, Spain
  Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker

Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker

University Medical Center Groningen. Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention.
Groningen, Netherlands
  Efthymia Giannitsioti

Efthymia Giannitsioti

LAIKO General Hospital. 1st Department of Propaedeutic and Internal Medicine, Medical School National and Kapodistrian University.
Athens, Greece
  Craig Aboltins

Craig Aboltins

Science Officer
Northern Health. Infectious Diseases.
Melbourne, Australia
  Barbara Hasse

Barbara Hasse

Education Officer
Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology.
Zurich, Switzerland


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