The Structure and Position of AMS and Antimicrobial Stewardship Aspect of Management of Infections

Event Description

25 - 26 November 2024
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Antimicrobial stewardship refers to interventions designed to promote the optimal use of antibiotic agents, including drug choice, dosing, route, and duration of administration. To address antimicrobial resistance, all clinicians must become stewards of antimicrobials by prescribing them appropriately and educating their patients and colleagues on the proper use of this increasingly scarce medical resource. This technical workshop will equip clinicians who frequently prescribe and/or advice the use of antimicrobials with knowledge and tools to enhance their capacity in daily clinical practice as well as to empower the future leaders in antimicrobial stewardship. Through case based examples and hands-on exercises, the technical workshop will highlight how antimicrobial stewardship principles can be applied to common clinical scenarios and will explore approaches to overcome issues identified in different clinical and practice settings.

Intended audience:  

Target Audience ID Physicians, Medical Microbiologists, Clinical Pharmac(olog)ists, ICU physicians, Internists, Specialist Nurses, Pediatricians and other medical specialties.


  • To learn about organization and position of antimicrobial stewardship on supranational, national, and local level 
  • To learn about quality and patient safety management aspects of antimicrobial stewardship 
  • To learn about antimicrobial stewardship aspects of management of common infections in hospital 
  • To obtain practical skills in antimicrobial stewardship interventions in management of common infections

Course coordinator: 

Bojana Beović, Slovenia 


Slovenian Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Slovenian Medical Association 


Course organisers will monitor attendance. Only participants attending live sessions will be able to receive the certification. 

Course Venue: 

University Medical Centre Ljubljana,
City Hotel, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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City Hotel Ljubljana 

Central Hotel Superior 

WUD Hotel 

Art Hotel 

Atelier Hotel 

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

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This course is part of the AMS Certificate Programme, but has some spaces open to registrations outside of the programme.

Registration fees include full access to the course, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.Travel costs and accommodation are not included in the fee.  



Registration is open until 30.10.2024.

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