Communication with Patients in Decision Making on Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary and Outpatient Care

Event Description

26 - 27 October 2023

This course is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of antibiotic prescribing in outpatient and primary care settings. Effective communication with patients plays a pivotal role in promoting judicious antibiotic use, enhancing patient satisfaction, and combating the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Intended audience:  

Target Audience ID Physicians, Medical Microbiologists, Clinical Pharmac(olog)ists, ICU physicians, Internists, Specialist Nurses, Pediatricians and other medical specialties.


  1. Recognizes problems that should be addressed in outpatient setting and is capable for addressing them by organizing appropriate structures, interventions, and monitoring 
  2. Understands the role of cultural and behavioral determinants in antibiotic prescribing in outpatient and primary care 
  3. Can recognize the facilitators and barriers to ASPs and is able to address them 
  4. Understands and can perform different communication techniques 
  5. Can communicate with all stakeholders involved in AMS at primary care level

Course coordinator: 

Katarina Stavrikj, Macedonia


Faculty of medicine, University Ss Cyril and Methodius Skopje & Institute for Social Innovation – Skopje 


Course organisers will monitor attendance. Only participants attending live sessions will be able to receive the certification.

Registration details: 

This course is part of the AMS Certificate Programme, but has some spaces open to registrations outside of the programme.

Registration fees include full access to the online course.  



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