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ESGNI Newsletter December 2023

  1. ESGNI ECCMID 2024 update
  2. Publications by ESGNI
  3. Post-graduate course conclusion

ESGNI Newsletter May 2023

  1. Study group executive committee elections for the term 2023-2025
  2. Commentary in Clinical Microbiology and Infection
  3. Proposals for ECCMID 2024

ESGNI Newsletter September 2022

  1. Recent and upcoming events
  2. Current and recent research projects
  3. Current activities in ESCMID guidelines
  4. ECCMID 2023

ESGNI Newsletter March 2022

We are happy to send you some information on ESGNI and share important news with you!


1.    Among the many study groups of ESCMID, with a score of 97, ESGNI was ranked in the middle grouping for the past year.


2.    EUCIC will organize a workshop on aerosol transmission of infectious diseases during the pre-ECCMID days: “Aerosol transmission of infectious diseases; shifting paradigms and emerging infections” on 23th March 1400 CET; Professor Margreet Vos will talk about “how the COVID-19 pandemic shapes future hospital design” (


3.    On invitation, ESGNI  proposed a session for the FIS/HIS meeting in November 2022; more details will follow soon at  and


4.    The conference “Infection 360: What's trending in infection prevention & control” ( ) will take place in Birmingham 27-28 September 2022. Renowned speakers within infection prevention and control discuss technology and its part in combatting new and existing pathogens:


a.    Day 1: SSI, Sepsis, COVID-19 and other emerging pathogens


b.    Day 2: Healthcare buildings as a source of air and water borne infection


5.    ESGNI has submitted a proposal for an online ESCMID-course on “healthcare-associated infections and their prevention and control”. The course is scheduled for 7-8 October 2022 if accepted and aims at conferring evidence, knowledge and professional experience to all professionals working in IPC and infectious diseases.


6.    The ESGNI Executive Committee will have a virtual meeting 24-25 March 2022 to discuss the next year’s activities and plans. Any ideas and activities fitting into the aims and goal of ESGNI are welcome! Please don’t hesitate to email or contact us.


We hope to see you all soon!