ESGIAI Scientific Projects

Scientific activity is one of the cornerstones of the ESGIAI study group. Multidisciplinary studies aimed to answer the questions that are still unsolved in the field of implant-associated infections are welcome, and the executive committee encourages all members to promote new studies. Study proposals can be submitted to the ESGIAI executive committee by using the following document.

Current ESGIAI projects

NameStudy CoordinatorsEmailsTypeStatusOpen for Inclusion
The Role of DAIR for Infected Unicompartimental Knee ArthroplastyIgnacio Sancho Gonzalez, Maria Eugenia Portillo; me.portillo.bordonabe@navarra.esClinicalRunningYes
Current aetiology of joint prosthesis infections. How does it influence the empirical treatment of infections and the surgical prophylaxis of joint prosthesis implantation?Natividad Benito and Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakkernbenito[at]santpau.catClinical+MicrobiologicalRunningYes
Risk factors for Gram-negative infection of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices: retrospective multicenter studyRenato Pascalerenato.pascale[at]
Long-term antibiotic therapy in non-surgical prosthetic valve endocarditis. L-TAPE studyMichele Bartolettim.bartoletti[at]unibo.itClinicalRunningYes
International Registry of Endovascular TIPS Infections (IRETIPSI)ESGBIES-ESGIAIjuanbanares[at]gmail.comClinicalRunningYes
Observational international study on clinical presentation and management of Candida Prosthetic Joint InfectionEric Bonnet and Aurelien; aurelien.dinh@aphp.frClinicalManuscript in preparationNo
Hip and knee prosthetic joint infections caused by Gram negative bacteria: epidemiology, risk factors and outcomeSara Tedeschited83[at]libero.itClinicalManuscript in preparationNo
Inventory survey study of the Staphylococcus aureus decolonization and antibiotic prophylaxis strategiesBente de Roos, Karin; B.deRoos@maartenskliniek.nlClinicalManuscript in preparationNo
Multicenter evaluation of Prosthetic Joint Infections caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosisJaime Estebanjesteban.esgiai[at]gmail.comClinicalManuscript in preparationNo




If you are interested in joining any of the open projects please contact us at: science[at]

Prospective data collection for PJI

The ESGIAI study group has developed a CRF within REDCap to prospectively collect data for PJIs. The data can be exported into an excel file or any other statistical programs for data analysis. The advantage of using REDCap is that the study group is collecting the same variables with the same definitions, making it easy to initiate prospective studies. In addition, people using REDCap have ownership over their own data. If you would like to join this initiative, please contact Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker (m.wouthuyzen-bakker[at] (science[at]