Mission & Objectives

Non-traditional antibacterials including Bacteriophage antimicrobial phage and phage related products for therapy is gaining attention in recent years as a salvage therapy to infections failing to respond to antibiotics. The aim of this study group is to foster the establishment of microbiological guidelines and data and support clinical use either via clinical trials and compassionate use. An additional aim will be to better delineate bacteria and disease in which non-traditional antibacterials including bacteriophages or bacteriophage products as well as others might give the best results for curing infection. Within this aim increasing and supporting the knowledge in the phage lysin and other proteins research and understanding carriers and applications optimal for use in clinical settings (gel, nanoparticles, etc) use. Finally promote the creation of academic phage therapy centers in European countries, on the model developed in the USA (Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics (IPATH)).