EUCIC Infection Prevention and Control Certificate

With the EUCIC Infection Prevention and Control Certificate, EUCIC aims to provide a unique European perspective on infection prevention and control. It does this by sharing the expertise and competencies within training centres, countries and professions. This collaborative effort will result in the training of a new generation of IPC specialists.


EUCIC is delighted that the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has agreed to contribute to the training programme. ECDC’s contribution is in the areas of  the advanced modules surveillance and-, epidemiology and data analysis. Furthermore, the ECDC offers five observerships.


Information about the programme


The two-year training programme starts with a basic and compulsory module in Groningen. This module has been postponed.


Advanced modules will follow from 2024-2026.


In addition, trainees will have the opportunity to attend local modules in different countries comprising the topics of the curriculum and apply for observerships


Key information, including short-links to more information, on the programme are listed below:


  • Eligibility: All medical doctors and pharmacists, nurses or other healthcare professionals with a MSc or PhD are eligible. After successful completion of the programme (acquiring ~60 ECTS), trainees will receive the EUCIC Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control. For more information, please check the full programme.

  • Tuition fees: The cost of tuition for the whole programme is €5000/5200 (ESCMID member/non-ESCMID member) per trainee and covers 10 modules (1 basic module, 6 advanced modules, 3 local modules). The cost of tuition for the whole advanced programme (for those who can start the training for the advanced module) is €4200/4400 (ESCMID member/non-ESCMID member) per trainee and covers 9 modules (6 advanced modules, 3 local modules). After registration, trainees can also choose to pay in 3 installments. Accommodation for maximum 5 nights is covered only for the basic course for the first 5 applicants who apply and have paid for the full programme. This applies to those who do not pay in installments. Travel costs and accommodations are not included in the fee.

  • Registration: You can now register to the full programme here. Please note that non-ESCMID members will need to create an ESCMID account (free of charge) to access the registration platform. You can create your account here.

  • Grant Application: ESCMID is offering 5 EUCIC Training Grants to LMIC residents. For more details on eligibility and applying for the grant, click here.

  • If you want to stay apprised of updates on the programme, you can subscribe to the programme's mailing list.