New Observerships call

The ESCMID Antimicrobial Stewardship Certificate programme consists of a combination of theoretical and practical modules; in addition, trainees will be given the opportunity to participate in a two-week Observership to gain an understanding of how an AMS programme operates in practice. A two-week observership will substitute one of the Elective modules on the programme.


The ESCMID AMS Committee is now accepting applications from institutions interested in hosting trainees for two weeks beginning in 2023. In accordance with ESCMID general rules, the selected Observership Centres will be contacted for formalisation of the process and to arrange programmatic, administrative, and logistical details. 


ESCMID will contribute €500 to the centre for a two-week Observership for one trainee.


Although governments are progressively lifting COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend staying in close contact with the ESCMID office once an Observership is granted, in case of new developments regarding COVID-19 restrictions.

Eligibility requirements for centre providing AMS Certificate Observerships

  • This institution has existed for at least four years and performs routine activities in Antimicrobial Stewardship.
  • The duration of each Observership is two weeks per trainee.
  • The programme of the Observerships and topics covered should be clearly defined and be available for the trainees.
  • The institution must already be providing academic courses and/or teaching for medical trainees in the fields of Antimicrobial Stewardship. 
  • The AMS Certificate Observership is only available to trainees enrolled in the full 2-year AMS Certificate programme; trainees can apply at the centre directly via email.
  • The centre will send the trainees and also ESCMID Office a letter of acceptance, a certificate of completion and a review. 

Apply here

If you are interested to become an AMS Certificate Observership Centre, please apply now and proceed to the application form.