Study Group Resources

To assist the Study Group Executive Committees and members, below you can find a number of informational documents, standard operating procedures, and templates to suport various common tasks.


SOP for Study Group Executive Committee

Here you can find some guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the different positions in the Study Group Executive Committees. Download the file here.


Study Group Websymposia

Study Groups are encouraged to organise virtual events and can request the support of ESCMID for the administration of these events. Requests can be made by any Study Group member but must have the approval of the Study Group Executive Committee. Requests for ESCMID support should come at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure the timing is possible and allow for proper organisation. Please see the SOP for the full rules and details


Study Group Websymposia SOP

Study Group Websymposia Request Form


Study Group Elections

ESCMID Study Group Executive Committees are run on 2-year terms. As such, every two years Study Groups host elections at the start of the year to refresh the executive committee according to the rules below. Elections are made up of two phases, a nomination phase where Study Group members are nominated and confirmed as candidates, and an election phase where members vote for the candidates to be elected into the executive committee. The Study Group elections are hosted in the portal on which members can access using their ESCMID account details.


Rules for Study Group Elections


Study Group member export

ESCMID Study Group Executive Committees have access to the list of all members for their Study Group, active and inactive. ESCMID officially only recognises the active members who hold an active ESCIMD membership along with their membership to the Study Group. These exports can be used to send out important updates to the members via email or newsletters.


Executive Committee members can login to the portal at using their ESCMID account details. Here you can access the members' information via the "Study Group" tile and an export* can be made.


*Please note that the export contains all Study Group members, both inactive (No ESCMID membership) and active (ESCMID members), as indicated in the ESCMID member status column.


Study Group Newsletters

Each ESCMID Study Group is requested to send out at least two newsletters per year to their members to keep the members informed on the latest developments and open calls throughout the Study Group. ESCMID has created a template that is available to use upon request. Study Group Executive Committee members can request the template from the ESCMID office by sending an email to patrick.kudyba[at]


Study Group Social Media

ESCMID Study Groups are welcome to create and organise their own social media accounts to promote their activities or engage with the greater public community in an official capacity. Below you can find the Study Group social media SOP for guidelines on this activity. Requests to create Study Group social media accounts should be made through the ESCMID office by the Study Group Executive Committee.


Study Group Social Media SOP