Life-saving antibiotics have transformed our society and economy. Deadly diseases such as sever bacterial infections have become routine illness, requiring little more than a brief treatment. These accomplishments are now at risk mainly because of the unnecessary or inappropriate use of antimicrobials. If we do not react on time, the multiple resistance to multiple antibiotics might become the greatest world killer by 2050.


EU-JAMRAI is a European Union Joint Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Healthcare-Associated infections (HAI) that brings together more than 80 partners and stakeholders. The EU-JAMRAI mission is to foster synergies among EU Member States by developing and implementing effective One Health policies to fight the rising threat of AMR nan to reduce HAI.


ESCMID is proud to be a key collaborator of the EU-JAMRAI action and to promote EU-JAMRAI campaigns, events and results.