Why become a TAE Steering Committee Member?

Valentijn Schweitzer, former TAE President


“I have been a member of the steering committee (SC) of TAE for a little over two years now. As a member of the SC my main focus has been scientific affairs. In the world of evidence-based medicine, research is an important part of our profession. Therefore, it is essential that research opportunities and training is available for all trainees. However, being involved in research during clinical training is a challenge for many. Last year, TAE launched a survey with the aim to identify factors associated with involvement in research during clinical training and identify gaps and disparities in research training. This survey could provide important information which could be used to inform curriculum development for CM & ID training. During my time with TAE I have continuously been surprised by the efforts of my fellow TAE members to come up with innovative ideas about ways to connect trainees worldwide. I have noticed that trainees, and therefore also TAE, are considered to be an important part of ESCMID. This is reflected by the amount of support that TAE receives from the organisation. TAE provides a truly inspiring environment and I am looking forward to the next two years in which I will do my best to continue to serve the interests of trainees in CM & ID. ”


Aleksandra Barać, former TAE President


“Being a TAE member can be summed up in a few words: a fantastic and ever-stimulating journey lasting three years. Once you became a TAE Steering Committee member, you became an active part of a group of people committed to help other colleagues.


TAE SC members are involved in a entire list activities during three years: as an example, organization of TAE day, some scientific sessions at ECCMID, Postgraduate courses, ESCMID Summer School, conduction of trainee surveys, writing joint manuscript, collaborate with trainees from other societies (e.g. ASM, IFMSA, ERS), the participation in several committees, support ESCMID in YSM-related activities, publish the TAE Newsletter, promote the best published papers as a part of TAE Thematic Week.... TAE SC contains of people who are in clinical training for ID, CM or both ID/CM, with different responsibilities within TAE SC (president, secretary, treasurer, public relation officer, education officer, network officer, scientific affairs officer…). Of course, on a personal level, being a TAE SC member is more than a list of task and activities. It is a growth path to improve ourselves, to broaden the horizons; this experience is a constant nudge to acquire new interpersonal skills, to establish international contacts, including renowned professors and passionate medical students, besides a lot of trainees and young specialists.”


Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end. So, this year three of our TAE SC members should leave due to finishing their terms, and we are looking for new candidates. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of our team!”


David Ong, former TAE President


“It is a great experience to meet and collaborate with many new colleagues all over the world. I am honoured to represent the interests of more than 2500 trainees, PhD students and other young professionals on different platforms at an international stage. I recommend everyone who is prepared to work hard, who can collaborate in a team and is willing to overcome cultural barriers, and who would like to contribute to the improvement of training in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to become active within TAE. ESCMID offers many opportunities for younger professionals to get involved. Finally, you will unwittingly end up with everlasting friendships and an extensive professional international network. Therefore, don’t miss these opportunities!”