ESCMID Observerships

To facilitate international training and collaboration, we encourage our members to visit ESCMID Collaborative Centres (most often departments of infectious diseases and/or clinical microbiology) in other countries for five days to one month under the auspices of ESCMID. The Observerships should primarily focus on good clinical and laboratory practice rather than on research activities. Observers should use the observership to make improvements in their home institute (e.g. implementation of a lab technique).

In general, the ESCMID Observership programme can be divided into three sections:

1) ESCMID funded Observerships

2) ESCMID non-funded Observerships

3) ESCMID special funded Observerships


Each Observership subsections is different and has different eligibility and selection criteria's, as well as different objectives, periods etc. You will find more information about the different possibilities by clicking in the different sections.


ESCMID Collaborative Centres


Another important part of the Observership programme are the ECCs, the ESCMID Collaborative Centres. The Observers have to choose an ECC which is currently accepting visitors. ESCMID is constantly looking for having contacts from the best ECCs in the World and if you are interested in becoming an ESCMID Collaborative Centre, only 2 application steps need to be taken.


More information about ECCs can be found here:


In case of questions about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact observership[at]