ESCMID Operating Procedures

EU Calls

1 Introduction

If you plan this project as part of or in collaboration with one or more ESCMID Study Groups (SGs), please refer to the EOPs for Study Group Projects.
If no ESCMID Study Group is involved (yet), please consult this guidance document here.

2 Request for ESCMID involvement

  • Requests can be submitted by any ESCMID member
  • Contact ESCMID before the consortium is decided
  • Send your request for ESCMID involvement at least two months before the EU Call deadline
  • Summarise your planned project on one A4 page and include
  1. call to which the proposal will be applied
  2. main project coordinator
  3. possible consortium members
  4. the planned role of ESCMID
  5. other participating organisations and their roles
  6. planned main objectives of the project and tentative workpackages
  • Include ESCMID Study Groups ( and their experts where applicable
  • Inform about the planned budget as soon as available

The ESCMID Executive Committee reserves the right to be involved in the final decision on the consortium, the exact role of ESCMID in the project, the definition of workpackages and the definition of the final budget.

January 2013