4-6 July 2018 - Paris (France)

Surveillance and early warning systems of healthcare-associated infections


This module on surveillance aimed at providing course participants a more in-depth understanding of surveillance methods for specific healthcare-associated infections (HAI) types and patient risk groups, as well as for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and anti-microbial consumption, addressing European ECDC surveillance methods where appropriate. Point prevalence surveys of HAIs and IPC structure and process indicators at the hospital level were addressed, as well as different approaches to organising surveillance at hospital and national level and to report hospital-based structure, process and outcome indicators. Finally, participants also obtained a better understanding of different options to organise a rapid alert system for the detection of new threats and outbreaks related to HAIs and AMR at a hospital and national level. Each session included lecture(s) and interactive exercises (e.g. case presentations).


Module organizers

Local coordinators: Pascal Astagneau and Jean-Christophe Lucet (Paris, France)

ESCMID/EUCIC coordinator: Petra Gastmeier (Berlin, Germany)

ECDC representative: Carl Suetens (Stockholm, Sweden)


Module programme

Details of the agenda are available in the flyer