EUCIC education board

The Education Board is composed of relevant international Experts in infection control, hospital hygiene, clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, public health, and international education. This group will be actively involved in the educational activities of EUCIC and provide consultation on specific issues for the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee. The board is currently under formation and the webpage will be updated as new members join.

Pan ANGELO, Italy
Elena Carrera, Italy
Peter COLLIGNON, Australia
Petra GASTMEIER, Germany
Achilleas GIKAS, Greece
Hilary HUMPHREYS, United Kingdom
Benedikt HUTTNER, Switzerland
Vincent Pascal JARLIER, France
Jan A.J.W. KLUYTMANS, Netherlands
Carlos André PALOS, Portugal
Eli PERENCEVICH, United States
Didier PITTET, Switzerland
Andreas VOSS, Netherlands
Jordi VILA ESTAPE, Spain
Andreas WIDMER, Switzerland
Walter ZINGG, Switzerland