ESCMID-SFM Manual of Microbiology

The ESCMID-SFM Manual of Clinical Microbiology is a jointly produced hard-copy publication by ESCMID and SFM.  In 2010 a popular French Manual of Microbiology was published by SFM. The new manual is based upon the original French manual, but has been updated and adapted for Europe. There are 52 chapters covering essential information in clinical microbiology.


Download a PDF version of the manual here (external link)


Overview of chapters:

General clinical microbiology

Clinical microbiology: a future based on tradition. D Raoult, G Cornaglia
The principles of microbiological work and good laboratory practices: A Pascual - H Peigue-Lafeuille
MALDI-TOF in microbiology: E Carbonnelle - G Greub - J Vila
Molecular methods in microbiology: JL Herrmann - M Poljak
Beyond culturing in microbiology: B. Evengard - P. Juto - J.M. Seigneurin - B. Wretlind
Quality management in microbiology: A Perrin - AM van Loon
Services around the clock in microbiology: E Bouza - A Burillo - J Lebras - H Peigue-Lafeuille - C Poyert
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing: R Bonnet - G Kahlmeter - R Leclercq
Transportation of biological samples - International regulations: Y Kabrane - I Kallings

Microbiological Diagnosis

Septicemia: B Lamy - H Seifert
Endocarditis: JL Mainardi - R Utili
Catheter-related infections: E Bouza - A Burillo - D de Briel
Central nervous system infections: H Peigue-Lafeuille - P Riegel
Urinary tract infections: JD Cavallo - P Tenke
Upper respiratory tract infections: M Ieven - H Vu-Thien
Lower respiratory tract infections: F Freymuth - M Ieven - F Wallet
Pulmonary infections in cystic fibrosis: R Canton - C Segonds
Gastroenteritis: S Bonacorsi - A Garbarg-Chenon - LM Kortbeek
Sexually transmitted infections: B de Barbeyrac - JS Jensen
Bacteria in purulent and serous fluids: E Nagy - P Laudat
Ocular infections: T Bourcier
Cutaneous infections: J Van Eldere - G Lina
Dermatophytes in skin, nails and hair: P Boiron - C Lass-Floerl - M Aigner
Bone and joint infections: C Loïez - A Trampuz - ME Portillo - S Corvec
The diabetic foot: M Dryden - JP Lavigne
Perinatal infections: P Lanotte - K Seme
Infections in burn patients: A Mérens
Microbiological examination of postmortem samples: C Rambaud - AL Roux - V Saegeman

Specific microorganisms

Anaerobes: L Dubreuil - E Nagy
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato: B Jaulhac - E Ruzic Sabljic
Brucella species: J Ariza - M Maurin
Helicobacter pylori: C Burucoa - F Mégraud
Leptospira species: M Picardeau - T Pumarola
Listeria monocytogenes: A Le Monnier - O Natås
Mycobacterium species: G Delogu - JL Herrmann
Rickettsia and related bacteria: B Jaulhac - MM Nogueras Mas - F Segura
Arboviruses: MR Capobianchi -C Castilletti - I Leparc-Goffart
Hepatitis virus: S Chevalier - M Clementi - JM Pawlotski
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): G Antonelli - F Brun-Vezinet
Influenza virus: M Schutten - ADME Osterhaus
Viruses in haemorragic fevers: O Ergonul
Leishmania species: PA Bates - B Sendid
Plasmodium species: F Castelli - E Dutoit - N Manca
Trypanosoma species: J Clerinx - V Lejon - B Sendid

Epidemiology and infection control

Antimicrobial resistance surveillance: G Cornaglia - C Giske - J Robert
Screening for multidrug-resistant bacteria in health care setting: C Lawrence - L Martinez-Martinez
Laboratory hygiene and safety: M Mounier - K Summermatter
Microbiology of the health care environment: M Mounier - T Pal
Molecular tools for epidemiology: W Witte
Public health microbiology: F Baquero - G Cornaglia
The risk of bioterrorism and class 3 microorganisms: JD Cavallo - H Ellerbrok