2nd Call for Abstracts

We encourage you to actively contribute to the 11th IMMEM.

All participants are hereby invited to contribute by submitting abstracts for poster presentation. The online submission will open beginning of October. Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.

Submit your abstract now online!

Click here to submit now an abstract online and to actively contrbute to the 11th IMMEM!

Abstract submission categories

  • Microbial population genomics
  • Epidemiology and public health: outbreaks and surveillance
  • Bioinformatics tools for genomic epidemiology
  • Viral pathogens: evolution and epidemiology
  • Fungal and yeast pathogens: evolution and epidemiology
  • Novel typing and diagnostic methodologies
  • Metagenomics: microbial communities in health and disease
  • Microbial forensics
  • Food, zoonotic and environmental microbial risks
  • Genomic data in phylogenetics and phylogeography
  • Mobile genetic elements in microbial genomics
  • Models of genome evolution and pathogen transmission
  • Antimicrobial resistance: from mechanisms to impact in healthcare-associated infections