Accepted Oral Abstracts

The following abstracts have been accepted for oral presentation and are included in the regular IMMEM XIII programme:


Presentation NumberPresenter NameCityCountryAbstract TitleSession
O01 - S01Patrick MunkKgs. LyngbyDenmarkMetagenomic monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in 101 countries using sewage reveals new diversity and geographical patterns in the global resistomeS01
O02 - S01Chrystal LandgraffWinnipegCanadaA new genomic surveillance paradigm: Wastewater based epidemiology using metagenomics in Canada.S01
O03 - S05Anderson OaikhenaIbadanNigeriaGenomic Surveillance of Staphylococcus aureus Submitted to the Nigerian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network from 2013-2021S05
O04 - S05Koen VandelannootePhnom PenhCambodiaA quinolone resistant outbreak of Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi A in Phnom Penh, CambodiaS05
O05 - S06Sergio Arredondo-AlonsoOsloNorwayA novel approach for consistent typing and identification of Escherichia coli plasmidsS06
O06 - S06Val F. LanzaMadridSpainFirst comprehensive reconstruction of the plasmidome of Enterococcus faecalisS06
O07 -S08Francesc CollLondonUnited KingdomImproved accuracy of antibiotic resistance determination from Enterococcus faecium whole-genome sequencesS08
O08 - S08Marit Andrea Klokkhammer HetlandStavangerNorwayWithin-patient evolution and global dynamics of Klebsiella pneumoniae ST17S08
O09 - S09Aldert ZomerUtrechtNetherlandsPlasmid presence and diversity within and between Campylobacter speciesS09
O10 - S09Clare BarkerLondonUnited KingdomComparative genomics of persistence mechanisms in Listeria monocytogenesS09
O11 - S9.5Eric StevensCollege ParkUSAVariety, velocity, and volume: Molecular epidemiological surveillance and the challenges of big dataS9.5
O12 - S9.5John LeesCambridgeUnited KingdomAlignment-free typing schemes for bacterial, viral and eukaryotic pathogensS9.5
O13 - S10Sion BaylissBathUnited KingdomHierarchical machine learning predicts geographical origin of Salmonella within four minutes of sequencingS10
O14 - S10Henrik HasmanCopenhagen SDenmarkEpiLinx, a software to visualize patient networks for outbreak detectionS10