Advanced Technical Workshop: Infection and Resistance Prevention in the Regional Healthcare Network

01.06.2017 - 02.06.2017 All day

Controlling outbreaks and preventing the spread of resistant microorganisms in single hospitals is not efficient. Patients are continuously transferred between healthcare institutions, with them they carry MDRO and every time they are admitted again to another hospital, transmission to other patients can occur. This means, that single hospitals and LTCF are part of a more organic regional healthcare network that has to organize the prevention of infections and especially the prevention of resistance. Therefore, reduction of the transmission, but also reduction of the selective pressure play an important role. However, collaboration in regional networks has to be established. How to identify the own real-life healthcare network, how to implement a regional network focusing on infection- and resistance prevention including all major healthcare facilities is the focus of this advanced technical workshop.
Theory and practicals include: the analysis of the own regional healthcare network using modelling software, expert topics on infection- and resistance prevention, use of modern technology for regional outbreak control, the building process of a “regional network” with real stakeholders as well as training sessions using role-playing for the regional outbreak

Mr Alexander W. Friedrich