Improving the Diagnosis of Bloodstream Infections - Advancing Technology and Quality for Better Care

28.03.2017 - 31.03.2017 All day

The aim is to improve the participant’s knowledge of diagnosis/treatment, and to improve practices in order to be better prepared for the future. Course topics will range from current best practices for diagnosis to advanced technologies for improving management in a context of multi-drug resistant pathogens becoming more and more widespread or in light of new concepts and new approaches (e.g. biofilm or anti-infective lock therapy in catheterassociated BSI). The course will focus on strategies to shorten time-to-result and to improve BSI detection (e.g. novel molecular tools), BSI diagnosis and management-based advanced technologies and how these advanced methodologies will be implemented in the next 5 years. The course will also cover a cost effectiveness approach of novel tool implementation. The lectures will be delivered by a range of European experts, and several lectures will include a joint perspective of microbiologists/infectious disease specialists designed to improve
patient management.

Ms Brigitte Lamy