Capacity-building Workshop: Applications of MALDI-TOF Mass-Spectrometry in Clinical Microbiology

13.03.2017 - 15.03.2017 All day

The impact of mass-spectrometry-based identification has been profound on the daily workflow of modern clinical microbiology laboratories due to a significant reduction in time-to-identification of causing pathogens. Recently, the field is rapidly moving beyond identification towards antibiotic resistance testing, direct specimen exploration and typing. This course aims to boost the knowledge of mass-spectrometry by allowing attendees to join leading scientists in the field of MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry applications in clinical microbiology. Most recent breakthroughs and current applications will be shown. Moreover, the course aims to create networks between clinical microbiologists, basic researchers and allied professions and build capacity facilitating the multiple applications in this multidisciplinary field across Europe.

Mr Adrian Egli