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12 April 2018

ESGVH @ ECCMID 2018 in Madrid, Spain

  • ESGVH Meeting, Monday, 23 April, 13.15 - 14.15, A10-2

Here is the new ESGVH Executive Committee:

  • Mario Umberto MONDELLI, Italy (Chairperson)
  • Mojca MATICIC, Slovenia (Secretary)
  • Badreddine KILANI, Tunisia (Treasurer)
  • Resat OZARAS, Turkey (Board Member)

We thank all previous Executive Committee members for their excellent work over the last years. We are looking forward to continuing this work.

Your new Executive Committee

05 April 2017

ESGVH @ ECCMID 2017 in Vienna, Austria

  • ESGVH Meeting, Monday, 24 April, 13.30 - 14.30, Business suite 3
  • Sunday, 10 April 2016
    13.15 h - 14.15 h (Room: G110)
    ESGVH Meeting: All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future Study Group activities.
  • Monday, 11 April 2016
    9.00 h - 11.00 h (Hall G)
    2-hour Symposium SY088: What is still hot in hepatitis C?
    9.00 h - 11.00 h (Hall K)
    2-hour Symposium SY091: Affordable healthcare
    11.30 h - 12.30 h (Hall G)
    1-hour Symposium SY098: Hot topics in hepatitis B prevention and treatment
  • ECCMID 2015 material
  • ESGVH Business Meeting at ECCMID 2015
  • ESGVH activities (courses, projects, publications)
  • ESGVH membership
  • Sunday, 26 April 2015
    13.15 - 14.15 (Room 16)
    ESGVH Business Meeting: All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future Study Group activities.
  • Tuesday, 28 April 2015
    13.30 - 15.30 (Hall F)
    ESGVH Symposium SY57: Management of chronic viral hepatitis.
  • Saturday, 10 May 2014
    8.45 - 10.45 (Hall H)
    Educational Workshop 07: Viral infections in pregnancy.
  • Sunday, 11 May 2014
    13.15 - 14.15 (Room 130)
    ESGVH Business Meeting: All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future Study Group activities.
  • Monday, 12 May 2014
    7.45 - 8.45 (Hall A)
    ESGVH Meet-the-Expert Session: The management of HIV/HCV infection in the era of direct active drugs.

This survey aims to detect the controversies and gaps in accessing diagnosis, treatment and management of HBV. This short survey will enable us to get snapshots of the situations in the countries and to analyse them and to discuss solutions. The results will be reported here later.

Please download the HBV survey here and send it completed by 23 August 2013 to .

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Resat Ozaras

for the ESGVH Executive Committee

The ESCMID programme committee has notified the study groups recently that 2 of our proposals have been granted. They are:

  • 2‐hour Educational Workshop entitled “Viral infections in pregnancy”. The topics to be discussed are 1) Hepatitis B in pregnancy (Resat Ozaras), 2) Hepatitis C in pregnancy (Marie-Louise Newell) 3) Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (François Dabis) and Hepatitis E in pregnancy (Udayakumar Navaneethan);
  • Meet‐the‐Expert Session entitled “The management of HIV/HCV infection in the era of direct active drugs”. Speakers will be Dominique Salmon and David Back.

The ECCMID 2014 preliminary programme will soon be published. Check the congress website for latest updates.

After a number of years and because of ESCMID regulations, during this business meeting, a new executive committee was elected. We wish to thank the previous committee consisting of Dominique Salmon (Chair), Andy Hoepelman (Secretary) and Will Irving (Treasurer) for the outstanding work and enthusiasm for the study group.

As new executive committee the following members have been elected:

Joop Arends (Chair)
Dominique Salmon (Secretary)
Badreddine Kilani (Treasurer)

From 27 April to 30 April, the 23rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) was held in Berlin, in which there were a number of sessions on viral hepatitis, which were very well attended.

On Saturday morning there was an Educational Workshop entitled Current challenges in the management of viral hepatitis. In this session 4 topics were presented starting with an overview of the treatment of hepatitis B treatment in resource limited settings (Resat Ozaras). Then 2 case-studies were presented ranging from treatment of HBsAg-positive patients under infliximab (Philippe Sogni) to hepatitis B during pregnancy (Hakan Leblebicioglu). The last presentation discussed new protease inhibitors in hepatitis C treatment (Joop Arends).
Together with the PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG), we organised on Tuesday an official symposium entitled The revolving alphabet soup of viral hepatitis. Again 4 topics regarding viral hepatitis were discussed starting with prevention and management of HBV in immunocompromised patients (Heiner Wedemeyer) followed by 2 talks on HCV therapy (Massimo Puoti and Ramazan Idilman). The last presentation was on hepatitis E in immunocompromised patients (Robert De Man).
All sessions have been recorded and webcasts plus the presentation slides are available in the ESCMID Online Lecture Library (
In all, at this ECCMID conference in Berlin there were many very interesting sessions on viral hepatitis with excellent speakers and many attendees. This is encouraging for coming ECCMID conferences.

The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research's HCV Drug Development Advisory Group (HCV DRAG) released an educational slide deck outlining basic features of HCV resistance in March 2010, the latest update is out now. This slide set was developed to educate HCV treating physicians and physician extenders on the important issue of HCV drug resistance prior to the commercial availability of direct-acting antiviral agents.

Given the rapid pace of HCV drug development, the Forum ResisSS V.2 has been updated and revised into four subsets. Get them now at the

Forum's website

  • Sunday, 28 April 2013
    13.15-14.15 (Hall 6)
    ESGVH Business Meeting: All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future ESGVH activities and collaborations.
  • Tuesday, 30 April 2013
    ESGVH Symposium (jointly organised with EPASG): The revolving alphabet soup of hepatitis viral infections

For more details, please check the ECCMID programme.

ECCMID programme

Upcoming publications 2013

  • A review article was written by members of the study group on virology, epidemiology and clinical manifestations of hepatitis E. It has been resubmitted to the Journal of Clinical Virology where it is under review.
  • A collaborative retrospective study was performed on the efficacy and tolerance of anti-HCV protease inhibitors in cirrhotic HIV/HCV co-infected patients. An abstract was submitted to EACS (October 16-19, Brussels, Belgium); when members would like to participate, they are more than welcome to do so by sending an email to Dominique Salmon.
  • Resat Ozaras has sent around a questionnaire to members of the study group inviting them to participate in a study into the availability of anti-HBV drugs in their respective countries. When you would like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so: link to HBV survey.
  • 31 March, 8.45-10.45
    Educational Workshop EW05 "Update on viral hepatitis"
  • 31 March, 13.30-15.30
    2-hour Symposium "Influence of directly acting antivirals on current treatment regimens for hepatitis C"
  • 2 April, 14.30-15.30
    1-hour Symposium "Hepatitis E : an omnipresent zoonosis"
  • 2 April, 13.00-14.00 (Meeting Room 3)
    ESGVH Business Meeting
    All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future ESGVH activities.

For more details, please check the ECCMID programme.

ECCMID programme

  • 7 May, 11.00-13.00
    Educational Workshop EW14 "Viral Hepatitis Management"
  • 8 May, 12.30-13.30 (Room Amber 3)
    ESGVH Business Meeting
    All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future ESGVH activities.

For more details, please check the ECCMID/ICC programme.

ECCMID/ICC programme

Ongoing Project

Planning to write a guideline on diagnosis and management for acute HCV in conjunction with ESCMID, ISC, the Japanese Society of Chemotherapy, EASL and industrial companies. Research to finance this activity is ongoing.

Potential collaborative studies

Diagnosis of acute HCV infection is difficult. We are keen to generate a panel of serum/plasma samples from patients known to be undergoing acute infection, in order to validate future diagnostic assays e.g. IgG avidity testing. If you see such patients in your clinics, and have access to blood/serum/plasma samples surplus to diagnostic requirements, we would like to try and create a biobank of such material. Please contact any member of the Executive Committee if you are interested in this endeavour.
Identification of a network of virological laboratories willing to share protocols and laboratory procedures aimed at the validation of new techniques for the diagnosis and monitoring of acute and chronic hepatitis B and C infection and treatment will also be developed in the next months.

Corporate ESGVH membership

A number of special interest groups within ESCMID have opened their doors to corporate membership. The ESGVH executive has also decided to do this, as a way of interesting and involving diagnostic and therapeutic companies in our activities. We believe that progress in the diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis requires collaborative effort and input from both physicians and industry. The ESCMID executive recently released updated "ESCMID Operating Procedures for Study Groups" guiding all Study Group activities - including corporate membership - and subsequently, we have invited a number of companies to join ESGVH. We hope that this will encourage them to organize hepatitis-related symposia at ECCMID, thereby increasing the hepatitis content of those annual meetings. If ESGVH members know of companies that would be interested in joining us, please let a member of the Executive Committee know so that we can send out our standard letter of invitation to them. The standard ESGVH fee for corporate membership is 1'000 Euros, so this also represents a way in which ESGVH can accumulate modest financial support to fund and extend our activities.

ESGVH Meet the Expert Session "Laboratory Monitoring of Viral Hepatitis" at ECCMID 2010 in Vienna, AT.

The presentations of the Experts, Valeria Ghisetti, Torino, IT and Will Irving, Nottingham, UK are available as pdf.

Presentation Ghisetti

Presentation Irving

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course in Istanbul 2009 online

ESGVH organized the ESCMID PGEC "From Bench to Bedside: Viral Hepatitis",
13 - 14 November, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Presentations (only available for ESCMID members)

Educational Workshop from ECCMID 2009 online

ESGVH organized the Educational Workshop "Recent advances in the management of viral hepatitis" on 16 May 2009 at the ECCMID in Helsinki, Finland.

Presentations (only available for ESCMID members)

Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Irving W, Salmon-Ceron D, Boucher C, Hoepelman IM. Euro Surveill. 2008 May 22;13(21).

read article

  • Definition with a network of virological laboratories of a virological test that can differentiate acute from chronic hepatitis C infections (avidity antibody test)
  • Setting up of a cohort of acute hepatitis C patients in Europe
Last update: 25 April 2017

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