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New Executive Committee takes office

April 15, 2020

ESGB has a new executive committee composed of:

  • Chairperson: Prof. Tom Coenye, Belgium
  • Educational officer: Prof. Elisa Borghi, Italy
  • Scientific officer: Dr Maria Dolores Macia Romero, Spain
  • Treasurer: Prof. Gordon Ramage, United Kingdom
  • Secretary: Dr Claus Moser, Denmark

Kendra Rumbaugh and Craig Williams as members of the election committee invited the membership to nominate candidates and vote. The results of the elections are the following:

  • umber of members with voting right: 76
  • Number of voters: 42 (55.3%)


  • Tom Coenye, Belgium         31 votes, elected
  • Elisa Borghi, Italy         19 votes, elected
  • María D. Macià, Spain         16 votes, elected
  • Gordon Ramage, United Kingdom         14 votes, elected
  • Claus Moser, Denmark         13 votes, elected
  • Laia Fernández-Barat, Spain         10 votes, non-elected
  • María Tomás , Spain         11 votes, non-elected
  • Leighann Sherry, United Kingdom         10 votes, non-elected
  • Trine Rolighed Thomsen, Denmark         7 votes, non-elected
  • Bastiaan P. Krom, The Netherlands         6 votes, non-elected
  • Débora Coraça-Huber, Austria         5 votes, non-elected
  • Chang-Jui (Andrea) Chen         0 votes, non-elected
  • No preference         1

The new executive committee is elected for two years.