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ESGB Executive Committee election results

The ESGB Executive Committee elections have concluded and the following members have been elected for the term of 2021-2023:

  • Gordon Ramage, UK (Chair)
  • Claus Moser, Denmark (Secretary)
  • Elisa Borghi, Italy (Education Officer)
  • Joana Azeredo, Portugal (Treasurer)
  • Maria Dolores Macia Romero, Spain (Science Officer)

    The new Executive Committee will take office during the ESGB meeting at ECCMID this year.

    We thank all previous Executive Committee members for their excellent work over the last years and are looking forward to continuing this work.

    You can find the full election report here

    2020 Annual Report Published

    The Annual Report showcasing the achievements of the previous year is now available to view. 2020 was a challenging year due to COVID-19, but check out the report to see what the Study Group was able to accomplish or plan for the future.

    New Executive Committee takes office

    April 15, 2020

    ESGB has a new executive committee composed of:

    • Chairperson: Prof. Tom Coenye, Belgium
    • Educational officer: Prof. Elisa Borghi, Italy
    • Scientific officer: Dr Maria Dolores Macia Romero, Spain
    • Treasurer: Prof. Gordon Ramage, United Kingdom
    • Secretary: Dr Claus Moser, Denmark

    Kendra Rumbaugh and Craig Williams as members of the election committee invited the membership to nominate candidates and vote. The results of the elections are the following:

    • umber of members with voting right: 76
    • Number of voters: 42 (55.3%)


    • Tom Coenye, Belgium         31 votes, elected
    • Elisa Borghi, Italy         19 votes, elected
    • María D. Macià, Spain         16 votes, elected
    • Gordon Ramage, United Kingdom         14 votes, elected
    • Claus Moser, Denmark         13 votes, elected
    • Laia Fernández-Barat, Spain         10 votes, non-elected
    • María Tomás , Spain         11 votes, non-elected
    • Leighann Sherry, United Kingdom         10 votes, non-elected
    • Trine Rolighed Thomsen, Denmark         7 votes, non-elected
    • Bastiaan P. Krom, The Netherlands         6 votes, non-elected
    • Débora Coraça-Huber, Austria         5 votes, non-elected
    • Chang-Jui (Andrea) Chen         0 votes, non-elected
    • No preference         1

    The new executive committee is elected for two years.