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Infectious Complications in Haematology Patients, including Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

Co-organised by ESGICH, ESCMID and the International Society Immunocompromised Host (ICHS)

Genoa, Italy, 20 – 21 June 2019

Diagnosis and management of infections in haematology is a difficult exercise. In addition to the old predisposing conditions (neutropenia and mucositis), the increasing use of targeted therapies is posing new challenges. Moreover, colonization or past infection with multidrug resistant (MDR) organisms is one of the factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not haematological interventions are safe and feasible, since subsequent infections can be fatal. Pathogens considered rare in certain settings enter now the differential diagnosis because of the new therapeutic approaches and patients’ mobility. Additionally, antimicrobial stewardship in this population is particularly important to optimize the treatment outcomes, prevent the spread of MDR bacteria and preserve antibiotic activity for future infections. In all these situations, close collaboration between treating haematologists and infectious diseases and microbiology specialists is fundamental. This course offers a comprehensive update on all these issues provided by a multidisciplinary team.


Course material in the ESCMID eLibrary

13 April 2019

New Executive Committee takes office

ESGICH has a new executive committee composed of:

  • Chairperson: Prof. Paolo Antonio Grossi, Italy
  • Secretary: Dr Monica Slavin, Australia
  • Treasurer: Prof. Christian Van Delden, Switzerland
  • Science Officer: Prof. Jose Maria Aguado Garcia, Spain
  • Education Officer: Dr Carlos Cervera, Canada

Nicolas Mueller and Julien Coussement as members of the election committee invited the membership to nominate candidates and vote. The results of the elections are the following:

  • Number of members with voting right: 140
  • Number of voters: 53 (37.9%)


  • José M. Aguado, Spain         34, elected
  • Monica Slavin Peter, Australia        26, elected
  • Paolo Grossi, Italy        21, elected
  • Christian Van Delden, Switzerland        18, elected
  • Carlos Cervera, Canada 30.19%        16, elected
  • Edson Abdala, Brazil 20.75%        11, non-elected
  • Yasemin Cag, Turkey 16.98%        9, non-elected
  • Bernd Salzberger, Germany        7, non-elected
  • No preference        1

The new executive committee is elected for two years.

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