Mission & Objectives

Mission statement:




  • To develop collaborative projects in- and outside the ESCMID organisation; ESCMID study groups, EUCIC, ECDC, European Societies of other medical specialties and other relevant stakeholders, e.g nurses
  • To conduct research in nosocomial infections and infection prevention and control (IPC)
  • To contribute to evidence-based guidelines aimed to improve IPC of nosocomial infections
  • To initiate or contribute to position papers in our field
  • To conduct educational activities on competences for IPC specialists and other health-care professionals
  • To educate the public, patients and public bodies of the importance of nosocomial infections and the need to prioritise and resource IPC strategies


Focus areas of ESGNI are defined as topics not being addressed by other SG, specific IPC, like physical environment/cleaning/disinfection/decontamination, design of facilities; hospital (departments) /OR/isolation rooms, the build environment, isolation techniques; bundle of protective equipment, (re)defining the 5 moments of HH; behavioural/action planning/ergonomics, modelling infection prevention interventions, and proportion and number FTE staff member/competence.

For guideline development we identify future gaps like; IPC in operating theatre, and Infection control in hospital supporting units (kitchen, laundry, water system, air system, sterilisation unit, endoscopy unit, nutrition unit, housekeeping).

The focus of ESGNI is chosen as those areas not addressed by other SGs. However, research proposes by other SGs are very welcome to ESGNI which we will happily join when the subject concerns infection prevention/ hospital hygiene.

Concerning cooperation with EUCIC; ESGNI will cooperate with EUCIC in performing research projects, where ESGNI brings the subjects of study(ies), EUCIC will bring their network. We aim to jointly apply for research grants.