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Methodologies for in vitro and in vivo evaluation of efficacy of antifungal and antibiofilm agents and surface coatings against fungal biofilms. Van Dijck et al., Microbial Cell, 2018, 300-326

This review gives an update on methods available for determining (i) the susceptibility or resistance of fungal isolates or biofilms to antifungal or antibiofilm compounds and compound combinations; (ii) the in vivo efficacy of antifungal and antibiofilm compounds and compound combinations; and (iii) the in vitro and in vivo performance of anti-infective coatings and materials to prevent fungal biofilm-based infections. Methods for testing antifungal susceptibility and monitoring in vivo performance of antifungal and antimicrobial drugs are extensively described.


  • A Prospective Multicentre Study of the Epidemiology and Outcomes of BloodstreamInfection in Cirrhotic Patients. Michele Bartoletti, Maddalena Giannella, Russell Lewis, Paolo Caraceni, Sara Tedeschi, Mical Paul, Christoph Schramm, Tony Bruns, Manuela Merli, Nazaret Cobos-Trigueros, Elena Seminari, Pilar Retamar, Patricia Muñoz, Mario Tumbarello, Patrizia Burra, Maria Torrani Cerenzia, Bruno Barsic, Ester Calbo, Alberto Enrico Maraolo, Nicola Petrosillo, Maria Angeles Galan-Ladero, Giampiero D’Offizi, Noa Bar Sinai, Jesus Rodríguez-Baño, Gabriella Verucchi, Mauro Bernardi, Pierluigi Viale On behalf of ESGBIS/BICHROME study group Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Clinical Microbiology and Infection. 14 August 2017. doi: 10.1016/j.cmi.2017.08.001