Mission & Objectives


In accordance to the ESCMID mission, the aim of ESGBIES is improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bloodstream infections (BSI), Endocarditis and sepsis by promoting and supporting research, education, training, and good medical practice.

  1. To develop collaborative research projects in BSI including the following aspects:
    - Epidemiology of bacteraemia and of microorganisms causing BSI
    - Impact of virulence, resistance and molecular traits on severity and outcomes
    - Morbidity, mortality and cost issues
    - Rapid diagnostic methods
    - Clinical management including antimicrobial treatment and its influence on outcome
  2. To develop research in sepsis including the following areas:
    - Pathogenesis
    - Biomarkers
    - Clinical management and therapeutics
  3. To evaluate the convenience of establishing a clinical and microbiological surveillance system in BSI, complementary to those already in place (EARS) (in collaboration with ESGARS).
  4. To develop guidelines aimed at improving the diagnosis, clinical management and prevention of BSI and sepsis.
  5. To perform educational activities.

Additionally, this Study Group serves as a start point for a Network of centres on BSI and sepsis within ESCMID.