The ESCMID Antimicrobial Stewardship Certificate is a unique opportunity for ID Physicians, Medical Microbiologists, Clinical Pharmac(olog)ists, ICU physicians, Internists, Specialist Nurses, Pediatricians, and other medical specialists from all over the world to meet, create professional networks and learn from each other and international renowned experts.


During the 2-year programme, a broad range of topics in Antimicrobial Stewardship will be covered, and participants will have the opportunity to meet with international experts and discuss clinical, and scientific matters in a variety of settings. There are some modules taught online, while others are held on-site at locations in Europe.


The role of diagnostics in Antimicrobial stewardship is pivotal and as such is integrated in the ESCMID AMS certificate program. While being the primary subject in the advanced course on Diagnostic stewardship in Rome, the role of diagnostics is discussed in many of our other courses (basic, advanced and elective).


Target audience:The ESCMID Antimicrobial Stewardship (ESCMID AMS) Certificate is intended for early career health care professionals in their final stages of specialty training or already involved in ASPs (such as, but not exclusively, ID Physicians, Medical Microbiologists, Clinical Pharmac(olog)ists, ICU physicians, Internists, Pediatricians, Specialist Nurses etc.) 


Objective: Graduates of the programme will have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviour to make a significant contribution to this extremely important emerging field. The programme prepares participants for research positions, academic and/or teaching careers, positions in national and international organisations related to AMS, employment in ASPs of healthcare institutions, and governmental positions. Whether starting, continuing, or advancing their career in the field of clinical infectious diseases, graduates will be able to actively stimulate the AMS dynamic.


Programme structure: The program is spread over two years and will include face-to-face training, online training modules, and study assignments. The participants are obliged to take part in the basic module, 6 advanced modules and three of the available elective courses. One elective course could be replaced by an observership. Examinations will follow the basic and the advanced courses, and there will be a final exam at the end of the program. All courses are developed to reach the following goals: 1. Knowledge 2. Skills and 3. Behavior.  


Participants have access to an extensive library of course materials and literature in a web-based learning space hosted by Brightspace and through the ESCMID Academy.  


Based on their topic of interest and planned personal project, participants will be assigned a mentor/tutor during the Basic implementation course in Nijmegen in June 2023. The mentors are experienced with a background in AMS selected from our global faculty. Mentor(s) will help the participants develop and implement an AMS project that is initiated during the 5-day baseline course, and fully developed and executed throughout the 2-year study period. 


Participants are required to successfully pass exams, and prepare and present their personal projects, namely: 


  • Exams for the basic and advanced modules and the final exam at the end of the program. Passing of exams for individual (basic and advanced) modules is defined for each individual course. The final exam is a test constituted from all available exam questions from the basic module and 6 advanced modules that has to be passed with a score > 70%. 
  • Draft-final report and the evaluation of the implemented project are presented and discussed with the mentor (month 22-23) for review and feedback. The final report has to be original work structured as a congress abstract (mandatory, for presentation at ECCMID) and as journal manuscript (optional, for independent publishing). 
  • Final report is presented at ECCMID 2025 as an abstract before a panel of experts constituting the oral part of the final examination.  
  • The program is considered completed after passing all exams, submission of final report and abstract presentation of the abstract at ECCMID 2025. 


Become a part: The ESCMID AMS Certificate programme has now been finalised, however, the programme will continue to be updated and adapted based on the needs of the participants, and we therefore welcome more institutions to become a part of this exciting new programme. Healthcare institutions are invited to submit proposals for the 2-day elective modules. We suggest that you review the current programme and propose topics that have not yet been addressed, but that fall within one or more of the 14 learning domains outlined in the programme. Please submit your proposal here.


Registration: Applications are now open and will close 28 FEBRUARY 2023. The total number of places is limited to 40 participants for the entire two-year program. First, your application is reviewed by the programme coordinators, and if approved, you will receive a link to register with payment. The tuition fee for the whole programme, covering 10 modules (1 Basic module, 6 Advanced modules, 3 Elective modules (or 2 Elective modules and 1 Observership)) is €5000 for non-ESCMID members, €4700 for ESCMID members. Registration fees include standard lunches and coffee breaks only for onsite modules; these take place at the module venue. Travel and accommodation are not included in the fee.




For any queries, please email amscert[at] Please insert "AMS 2023-2025" in the subject line.


Detailed information about the programme can be found here




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