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Here you can find upcoming congresses, conferences, educational courses organized or endorsed or promoted by ESCMID. Information on past events is available in the Calendar Archive.

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28 February - 04 March
Cape Town, South Africa

31st International Papillomavirus Conference
Event description:Join us for the 31st International Papillomavirus Conference. HPV 2017 will gather researchers, clinicians and other health...

04 March - 05 March
Beirut, Lebanon

MENA Regional Conference on Public Health and Infectious Diseases
The MENA regional conference on Public Health and Infectious Diseases aims at gathering regional and international researchers to discuss the...

ESCMID Conference
09 March - 10 March
Milan, Italy

6th AMIT International Congress - Topics in Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Event description:The sixth edition of AMIT Congress continues in the tradition to propose topics of great interest and current importance in...

13 March - 15 March
Basel, Switzerland

Capacity-building Workshop: Applications of MALDI-TOF Mass-Spectrometry in Clinical Microbiology
The impact of mass-spectrometry-based identification has been profound on the daily workflow of modern clinical microbiology laboratories due to a...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
20 March - 21 March
Rome, Italy

2nd International Conference on Enzymology & Molecular Biology
Description:Conference Series LLC is delighted to invite all the participants across the globe to the prestigious event, International Conference on...

ESCMID Conference
20 March - 21 March
London, UK

Superbugs & Superdrugs
Description:SMi’s flagship show in its global Superbugs portfolio of events has been expanding horizons on the growing threat of anti-microbial...

ESCMID Conference
20 March - 22 March
Utrecht, The Netherlands

European Expert Meeting on Rotavirus Vaccination (EEROVAC)
Event description:The 5th European Expert Meeting on Rotavirus Vaccination will be held on March 20th-22nd 2017 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The...

21 March - 22 March
London, UK

2nd Annual Infection Control, Sterilization and Decontamination in Healthcare Congress
Event description: According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), every year an estimated 4.1 million patients acquire...

24 March - 25 March
Muscat, Oman

Hospital-Acquired Infections: Understanding the Magnitude and Needed Interventions
The workshop aims at reviewing existing knowledge, ongoing studies, identifying gaps and priorities for prevention and control of MDR HAI in LMIC...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
27 March - 29 March
Hørsholm, Denmark

Introduction to Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis for Microbial Diagnostics
Event description:DNA sequencing technology has developed tremendously, making one of the current challenges how to easily extract information from...

28 March - 31 March
Nice, France

Improving the Diagnosis of Bloodstream Infections - Advancing Technology and Quality for Better Care
The aim is to improve the participant’s knowledge of diagnosis/treatment, and to improve practices in order to be better prepared for the future....

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
29 March - 31 March
Zagreb, Croatia

PREPAREing for (Re-)Emerging Arbovirus Infections in Europe
The aim of the course is to improve the participant’s knowledge of identification and management of arbovirus infections and outbreaks at local and...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
11 April - 12 April
Lisbon, Portugal

3rd Annual Advanced Diagnostics for Infectious Disease Conference
Event description:Over the past decade, emerging threats have challenged our public health response systems around the world and brought into focus...

21 April
Vienna, Austria

Anti-Infective PK/PD - Integrating Knowledge and Innovating Therapies
Description:In an era of increasing antimicrobial resistance, PK/PD is the basis of improving dosing regimens to optimise efficacy, reduce the risk...

ESCMID Conference
22 April - 25 April
Vienna, Austria

27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2017)

ECCMID, Congress
07 May - 10 May
Manhattan, Kansas, United States

8th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses
Event description:The 8th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses in Kansas follows seven successful conferences, each of which provided an...

27 May - 28 May
Taipei, Taiwan

Antimicrobial Resistance Across Europe and the Far East: Target Audience Issues and Solutions
Europe and Asia (with special reference to the South East) are two geographic regions in which antibiotic resistance percentages are particularly...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
01 June - 02 June
Groningen, Netherlands

Advanced Technical Workshop: Infection and Resistance Prevention in the Regional Healthcare Network
Controlling outbreaks and preventing the spread of resistant microorganisms in single hospitals is not efficient. Patients are continuously...

ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop
01 June - 03 June
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sepsis 2017: from Pathogenesis to Treatment
• To provide to infectious disease specialists, clinical microbiologists, intensive care physicians, emergency department physicians and...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
07 June - 10 June
Sorrento, Italy

18th WAVLD Symposium (World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians)
Event description:Following the early announcements given at the 2014 EAVLD Congress in Pisa and at the 17th WAVLD Symposium in Saskatoon, we are now...

07 June - 09 June
Pamplona, Spain

Update on Infections Associated with Orthopaedic Implants: Diagnosis and Management
This education course aims at those confronted with orthopaedic implant-associated infections in daily routine as orthopaedic surgeons, infectious...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
08 June - 09 June
Bratislava, Slovakia

Viral Infections in Immunocompromised Patients
The topic is a challenging and moving target – the population of immunocompromised patients (IC) is growing and viral infections are among the most...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
01 July - 08 July
Borstel, Germany

16th ESCMID Summer School
A one-week course dedicated to postgraduate and continuing medical education. The programme covers a broad range of topics in clinical microbiology...

ESCMID Summer School
06 September - 08 September
La Tronche, France

Omics of host and pathogens during infections
This ESGIB course is aimed to provide high-quality interdisciplinary training in order to inform the participants on the technological and...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
14 September - 15 September
Fribourg, Switzerland

Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Gram-Negative Bacteria: Problems and Solutions
Multidrug-resistant Gram negative bacteria are steadily increasing worldwide, approaching or even attaining the endemicity threshold in many...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
17 September - 20 September
Lampedusa, Italy

Migration Medicine
Objectives of the course are to create a forum of discussion of the various and multi-faceted aspects of migration medicine including, but not...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
20 September - 22 September
Seville, Spain

11th International Symposium on the Biology of Acinetobacter
Event description:Acinetobacter spp. continues to be a major concerning nosocomial and multi-drug resistant pathogen. The new methodologies are...

ESCMID Conference
05 October - 07 October
Istanbul, Turkey

Antimicrobial Stewardship: Principles and Practice
Course aims are:• reflect the situation and trends in antimicrobial resistance and consumption in Europe and worldwide• reflect the antibiotic...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
10 October - 13 October
Freiburg, Germany

Capacity-building Workshop: Whole Genome Sequencing for Clinical Microbiology and Hospital Epidemiology
Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) technology has developed rapidly during the last years. Innovative bench-top NGS platforms broaden application...

ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop
30 October - 01 November
Tel Aviv, Israel

Regional Capacity-building for Integration of Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Microlab
The workshop is intended to introduce the emerging role of next-generation sequencing in clinical and public health microbiology and support the...

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
02 November - 04 November
Madrid, Spain

Antibiotic Therapy in Practice
The intended audience consists of hospital physicians who often prescribe antibiotics – such as specialists/resistents in internal medicine, acute...

ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop
05 December - 08 December
Havana, Cuba

Congress on tropical medicine, microbiology, parasitology, HIV
Description:The 9th Cuban Congress of Microbiology and Parasitology, the 6th National Congress of Tropical Medicine and the International Symposium...

ESCMID Conference

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