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New ESCMID Study Group

ESGS is a newly formed ESCMID Study Group, which has started its activities in the field of staphylococci and staphylococcal diseases.

Objectives of ESGS


First plans:
  • Organise specific session(s) at ECCMID and joint sessions with other Study Groups, e.g. ESGBIS, ESGARS
  • Participate and assist in the organisation of ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop Molecular Typing Methods for Pathogens, 30 June – 4 July 2014, Lyon, France coordinated by ESGEM
  • Set up a working group in order to propose to the health authorities whether CA-MRSA USA300 lineage should be considered apart from other CA-MRSA
  • Prepare review papers on selected topics in which the multinational contribution would strengthen the paper. This is especially relevant in the case of microbial epidemiology of both MSSA and MRSA

Download the latest Annual Report.