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15 February 2018

ESGMI travel grants

ESGMI has decided to allocate 5 travel grants to students on the sum of 500 US$. To be able to apply, students need to be an ESCMID member (45 Euro) and apply for ESGMI membership (free). For further information please contact

Here is the new ESGMI Executive Committee:

  • Ran Nir-Paz, Israel (Chairperson)
  • Cecile Bebear, France (Vice-Chair)
  • Roger Dumke, Germany (Secretary)
  • Brad Spiller, United Kingdom (Treasurer)
  • Katherine Loens, Belgium (Officer Clinica Diagnostics)
  • Vicki Chalker, United Kingdom (Officer Education)
  • Michael Beeton, United Kingdom (Invited Representative - AMR)
  • Sabine Pereyre, France (Invited Representative - AMR)

We thank all previous Executive Committee members for their excellent work over the last years. We are looking forward to continuing this work.

Your new Executive Committee

08 January 2017

ESGMI executive committee election ongoing

Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful vacation.

I am delighted to announce the ESGMI executive committee election is now open.

Any member may apply to be on the committee. We shall all vote to democratically select six members from applications. Following election of the committee, the posts within the committee will be allocated (such as Chair, Secretary, Treasurer etc.).

Note – there can be only one member of the committee per country.

If you are interested in standing please email Vicki a 150 to 200 word description of why you would like to be on the committee with a further 3 brief bullet points of what you would assist ESGMI to do if elected. Vicki will collate all applications and send to all for voting.

Deadline for applications: 18 January 2017

Email to: Vicki Chalker

30 June 2016

ESGMI informs: First National Workshop on Mycoplasmas of Public Health Interest, Havana, Cuba

The Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology announces the "First National Workshop on Mycoplasmas of Public Health Interest" to be held 24 to 28 October, 2016, in Havana, Cuba. For further information contact .

New ESCMID Study Group

ESGMI is a newly formed ESCMID Study Group, which has started its activities in the field of Mycoplasma infections. Foundation has been approved at ECCMID 2013, Berlin, Germany. The inauguration meeting has been held at the conference "Mycoplasmas - a practical approach", Croatia, 6 - 8 June 2013.

Objectives of ESGMI


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