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9-12 September 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland

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The results of the survey on "current diagnostic methods used in patient management" are now avaible online.

Survey results

As you know very well from your daily practice, the use of molecular methods for diagnosis and management of patients is commonplace in some areas and still in development in others.


Our aims with this survey are to

  • investigate the current use of molecular methods
  • estimate access to and usage of guidelines

Link to survey

Deadline for completion of the survey: 31 January 2014

Kate Templeton

for the ESGMD Executive Committee

Ongoing Guideline Projects

  • Checklist for optimization and validation of real-time PCR assays. Raymaekers M, Smets R, Maes B, Cartuyvels R
    J Clin Lab Anal. 2009;23(3):145-51
  • Official partner for the German MDx Guidelines: Nukleinsäure-Amplifikationstechniken (NAT), Mikrobiologisch-infektiologische Qualitaetsstandards (MiQ, 1/2011, 3. Auflage)
  • Partner in the revision of updated MDx Guidelines in the Netherlands
  • Belgian MDx Guidelines: Reflections and proposals to assure quality in molecular diagnostics. Raymaekers M, Bakkus M, Boone E, de Rijke B, El Housni H, Descheemaeker P, De Schouwer P, Franke S, Hillen F, Nollet F, Soetens O,, Vankeerberghen A,, on behalf of
    Acta Clin Belg. 2011: 66 (1): 34-41
  • Participation in the International Working Group on the Standardisation of Genomic Amplification Techniques (SoGAT)

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