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10-12 Oct-2019, Zagreb (Croatia). Venue: Palace Hotel Zagreb.

This post-graduate education course is composed of crosscutting modules on the diagnosis challenges of life-threatening infections. The sessions will focus on the clinical, molecular and forensic diagnosis of these severe infections caused by classical and emerging pathogens. The objectives are to provide an update on the clinical signs and the pathophysiological mechanisms observed, and to assess the range of diagnostic assays available. A practical approach will be reached with clinical and forensic cases discussion and with visual material. Participants will acquire keys for the early diagnosis of life-threatening infections, understand the importance of the interaction between the microbiological and the pathological results and learn pathological and microbiological findings that should ring a bell in a sudden death case.

Target audience:Clinical microbiologists, clinicians, infectious disease physicians, internal medicine doctors, molecular biologists, pathologists, forensic physicians, students and trainees interested in the clinical, molecular and forensic diagnosis of life threatening infections.

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Ongoing research: ESGFOR collaborative project (2018-2020)

Targeted 16S-23S rDNA Next Generation Sequencing: is it a complementary technique in identifying an infectious cause of death?

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