ESCMID Areas of Scientific Endeavour - Overview

All ESCMID scientific activities are overseen by the members of the Scientific Affairs Subcommittee (SAS), whereby each of the nine members is responsible for one of our four Sections and five Themes.

SAS members and their area of responsibility

ESCMID Sections
Bacteria & Bacterial Diseases
Fungi & Fungal Diseases
Parasites & Parasitic Diseases
Viruses & Viral Diseases
Pathogenesis & Immunology
Epidemiology, Vaccinology & Public Health
Clinics & Therapeutics
Antimicrobial Resistance & Susceptibility Testing


ESCMID Study Groups

ESCMID supports a wide array of Study Groups (SGs) engaged in advancing scientific knowledge and/or disseminating professional guidelines in the field of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. ESCMID demands a high level of activity (for a recent overview of activities, see here) and offers funding of these activities (see here). The SGs are overseen and annually evaluated by the Scientific Affairs Subcommittee (see here). The table below lists all current SGs and from there you can go to the individual SG websites directly.

FieldAcronymFull Name
Anaerobic InfectionsESGAIESCMID Study Group for Anaerobic Infections
Antimicrobial StewardshiPESGAPESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial stewardshiP
BiofilmsESGBESCMID Study Group for Biofilms
Bloodstream Infections, Endocarditis & SepsisESGBIESESCMID Study Group for Bloodstream Infections, Endocarditis and Sepsis
Brain InfectionsESGIBESCMID Study Group for Infectious Diseases of the Brain
Clinical ParasitologyESGCPESCMID Study Group for Clinical Parasitology
Clostridioides difficileESGCDESCMID Study Group for Clostridioides difficile
Critically Ill PatientsESGCIPESCMID Study Group for Critically Ill Patients
Elderly InfectionsESGIEESCMID Study Group for Infections in the Elderly
Epidemiological MarkersESGEMESCMID Study Group for Epidemiological Markers
Food/Water InfectionsEFWISGESCMID Food- and Water-borne Infections Study Group
Host and microbiota interactionESGHAMIESCMID Study Group for Host and Microbiota Interaction
Forensic/Postmortem MicrobioESGFORESCMID Study Group for Forensic and Postmortem Microbiology
Fungal InfectionEFISGESCMID Fungal Infection Study Group
Genomic & Molecular DiagnosticsESGMDESCMID Study Group for Genomic and Molecular Diagnostics
Immunocompromised HostsESGICHESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts
Implant InfectionsESGIAIESCMID Study Group for Implant-associated Infections
LegionellaInfectionsESGLIESCMID Study Group for Legionella Infections
Lyme BorreliosisESGBORESCMID Study Group for Lyme Borreliosis
Mycobacterial InfectionsESGMYCESCMID Study Group for Mycobacterial Infections
Mycoplasma & Chlamydia InfectionsESGMACESCMID Study Group for Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Infections
Non-traditional Antibacterial TherapiesESGNTAESCMID Study Group for Non-traditional Antibacterial Therapy
Nosocomial InfectionsESGNIESCMID Study Group for Nosocomial Infections
PK/PD fo Anti-InfectivesEPASGESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group
Public Health MicrobiologyESGPHMESCMID Study Group for Public Health Microbiology
Resistance SurveillanceESGARSESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance
Respiratory VirusesESGREVESCMID Study Group for Respiratory Viruses
StaphylococciESGSESCMID Study Group for Staphylococci and Staphylococcal Diseases
Travel & MigrationESGITMESCMID Study Group for Infections in Travellers and Migrants
VaccinesEVASGESCMID Vaccine Study Group
Veterinary MicrobiologyESGVMESCMID Study Group for Veterinary Microbiology
Viral HepatitisESGVHESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis