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The Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership (GARDP) is launching their webinar series on antimicrobial drug discovery and development. On June 13, David Shlaes will give a presentation about ‘Antibacterial drugs: Clinical development for non-developers. Part 1: Traditional development – tiers A and B’, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

In this webinar, David Shlaes will introduce the relationship between the discovery phase and later clinical development and also discuss traditional clinical development pathways (tiers A and B) focusing on non-inferiority trial design. Register here:

Follow @ESCMID's activities during World Antibiotic Awareness Week #WAAW from 13 19 and on European Antibiotic Awareness Day #EAAD 18 November via social media: Twitter and Facebook. Have a look at some of ESCMID's many AMR projects over the past months.

ESCMID initiatives to combat antimicrobial resistance and the inappropriate use of antibiotics

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is jeopardising the treatment of infections worldwide. It curtails our ability to successfully protect patients from complicating infections. A lack of effective antibiotics also severely hampers our ability to take advantage of the progress made with research in other medical fields. This page summarizes the major activities aimed at combatting AMR within the ESCMID network and partner organizations.

ESCMID supports all science-based initiatives to combat antimicrobial resistance and promote the appropriate use of antimicrobials.

This is irrespective of whether initiatives are from ESCMID, its members, other societies,  non-governmental organizations or government authorities. ESCMID is not able to financially support all initiatives, but it will provide a scientific platform for selected efforts and prioritize those initiated within the organization and by its members.

Get an overview on ESCMID initiatives in the field of antimicrobial resistance, find out more about ECCMID, EUCAST, EUCIC, ESGAP, ESGARS, etc..

This web page lists European or international initiatives active in the field of combatting antimicrobial resistance and links to their individual (external) websites.