Mission & Objectives

Molecular typing is now an essential component of the microbiology and control of infection services provided across Europe and in many other countries of the world. Recent quantum advances in comparative genomics have yielded a wide choice of powerful methods for studying the genomic relatedness of microbes. The epidemiology of microorganisms does not recognise international boundaries. Collaboration between scientists working in different countries is therefore essential to standardise methodology and to track the spread of particular virulent or resistant microbial pathogens.


ESGEM is a group of ESCMID members who share an interest in epidemiological typing systems.


The key objectives of ESGEM are to:


  1. Critically evaluate microbiological typing systems and make recommendations for their appropriate use.
  2. Promote collaborative research into microbiological typing systems and to develop standardised methodology for specific pathogens.
  3. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the development of consensus strategies.
  4. Work with individuals and companies active in this research area to foster the development of further technological advances in microbial typing.


ESGEM cordially invites colleagues actively interested in these areas to join us and contribute to the ‘critical mass’ in this exciting international field.